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7 Adventurous Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is here again! For over 50 years, this environmental movement has inspired people all over the world to go green and make sustainable choices. Every small eco-friendly decision we make today adds up to make a huge difference to our planet. 

Earth Day organizers estimate they’ve prompted more than 2.6 billion green acts since their inception in 1970!

At Yervana, we are very passionate about supporting the environment and sustainable tourism, so to honor the Earth Day movement we’re sharing 7 eco-friendly ways to find adventure while showing Planet Earth the love it deserves. 

1. Discover a New Local Hike

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than spending time in nature. The best part about hiking is there are tons of options to choose from no matter where you’re from. To avoid overcrowding on popular trails, we’re big advocates of seeking out lesser visited spots to help give mother nature a break on those well-trodden trails. Check out our guide to our favourite hikes around Vancouver or Banff. Alternatively, head out on a Hiking Adventure with one of our adventurous Locals! 

Yervana Tip: No matter where you choose to hike, don’t forget to pack accordingly! 

2. Explore the Forest from all Heights

Explore unique forest spaces on these two fun, low environmental impact, adventurous activities! Head out with Yervana Locals to explore high in the treetops and learn about British Columbia’s remaining old growth trees on an ancient forest canopy tour. Stay low on an adventure through the canyons in Nordegg or Vancouver and get up close with natural water slides as you travel along the bed of the canyons.

3. Make waves on a Water Adventure

There are many great non-motorized water sports you can check out such as paddleboarding, kayaking, or even white water rafting!

Curious to try paddleboarding? If you don’t already own a paddleboard, either borrow one from a friend or rent one. For a fun and relaxing experience, head out on a calm body of water, like a lake or pond, and find a sandy beach where you can wade into the water to easily launch your SUP. If you prefer to sit while you paddle, swap out the SUP for a kayak instead!

Looking to get a little adventurous? Get wild on the rapids while white water rafting! Yervana Local, Graham, will take you and your bubble out on a private white water rafting experience in Squamish, BC or head out with Deborah in Golden, BC!

4. Head Out on a Bike Ride

Earth Day is the perfect excuse to get your bike out of storage and hit your local trails! Perhaps try switching your commute from car to bike for the day. If you want to work on some new tricks or explore new areas, hit the trails with a Yervana Local who can show you a thing or two on a Biking Adventures in either BC and Alberta.

5. Go Foraging in the Forest

Here’s a fun way to celebrate Earth Day, make some wild Tea in the Trees! Learn how to identify the various plants that can be used to make a wild tea blend in Sooke Potholes Park with Yervana Local, Ryan!

6. Experience the Calming Effects of Forest Bathing 

Swap out the adrenaline inducing adventure for a soothing experience amongst the trees. Forest bathing is a great and natural way to lower stress, improve mood, and reduce fatigue by slowly walking in nature and being mindful of all your senses. It is a decades-old Japanese nature meditation practice that can be done anywhere outdoors amongst nature!

Looking for a little guidance when it comes to forest bathing? Head out for a serene day on the beautiful nature trails in Chilliwack with Yervana Local, Melody, who also happens to be Canada’s first Certified Nature Connected Coach! 

7. Organize a Cleanup

Leave your favourite adventure spots a better place than when you found it by organizing your own clean up! Whether your passion for the outdoors takes you to a beach, park, or trail, organizing a cleanup can have such a positive impact on not only the earth but also for the people who use the area.

Remember to Leave No Trace Everywhere You Explore

“Leave only footprints, take only photographs”

Turn all of your adventures eco-friendly by:

  • Packing out everything you bring on your adventure
  • Opting for reusable or recyclable items
  • Heading out on activities that avoid overcrowded tourist hot spots
  • Following the Leave No Trace principles

Looking for more ways to be an eco-friendly explorer? Check out our blog post for more tips!

How are you Celebrating Earth Day?

We’d love to know! Tag us in your Earth Day activities #yervana or @myyervana on Instagram. We hope you are able to set aside time to go on an adventure, head to the beach or just sit in a park and enjoy nature this Earth Day.

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