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8 Adventurous Valentines Date Ideas in Alberta

Adventure is in the air this year! While it may not be in the cards for the quintessential Valentine’s date featuring a candle-lit dinner in a restaurant and catching the latest rom-com movie at the theaters, perhaps that has never been your style anyways. But either way, you are in the right place to find some unique and adventurous Valentines date ideas! 

Whether you’re planning a night with your significant other or looking for something special to do with your roommates, we’ve rounded up 8 unique and adventurous date ideas for you to make the most out of this Valentine’s Day long weekend.

So, read along for our pick of the 8 most unique and adventurous Valentine’s Day ideas in Alberta!

1. Pack a picnic and head out on your favourite snowshoe trail

What could be more romantic than walking together through a winter wonderland? Pack up your picnic favourites and catch the sun setting on your favourite local snowshoe trail. Here’s a list of a few of our favourite snowshoe trails around Canmore. 

Safety tip: Make sure you check the weather, map out your route and bring the proper equipment for your journey. 

Not sure where to go? Book a tour with a local to find all the best sights. 

2. Take your relationship to new heights ice climbing

Is your Valentine a thrill seeker? Experience ice in a whole new way by learning how to climb it! Check out our beginners guide to ice climbing to get a feel for what you will learn.

Book an ice climbing adventure with a Yervana Local in Banff, Canmore, or Nordegg.

3. Learn how to cross country ski

Don’t just sit inside staring at the snow — get out there and enjoy it! Strap on your skis and go on your own cross country ski adventure. Or if you’re looking to learn from a pro, book a cross-country ski lesson in the beautiful setting of Lake Louise.

Safety tip: Dress for the weather, pack the essentials and don’t forget to stretch.

4. Go Ice Skating

Even if you’re the most uncoordinated person on the planet, ice skating can bring you and your partner together by pushing you out of your comfort zone. And who knows — maybe you’ll both end up discovering your hidden talent for sliding on ice!

Tip: Head out to Gap lake for a beautiful frozen lake setting and don’t forget to pack a picnic to enjoy after your skate.

Fat bike Canmore

5. See the trails on two wheels while fat biking

Does one of your favourite dates in the summer include a romantic  bike ride? Why not give fat biking a try! Revisit your favourite summer trails this Valentines Day on a fat bike! Rent some bikes and hit the trails or let Yervana Local, Ryan, show you the best trails in Canmore.

Not sure what fat biking is all about? Head over to our fat biking blog to find out all about it.

Photo credit: Travel Alberta / Stevin Tuchiwsky

6. Build a snowman and go sledding

Do you live by the perfect sledding hill? Get your adrenaline pumping by going sledding! Cuddle up to your main squeeze while sharing a sled, afterall, tumbling into the snow is like a scene from a classic rom-com movie. Afterwards you can warm up with a delicious cup of hot cocoa.

7. Cuddle up while ice fishing together

This unique date idea will have you swapping out the chocolate box for a tackle box! Cuddle up as you take in the beautiful setting on the ice, and share in the victory of a catch while ice fishing!

Experience ice fishing in Edmonton with Yervana Local Ray. 

8. Play tourist in your own town

Nonessential travel is currently not recommended however, that does not mean you cannot book a romantic hotel in the city and spend the day hand-in-hand exploring the beauty and landmarks in your own town. You can even check off one or two of those close-to-home bucket list items you keep putting off.

Get into the role by snapping tons of pictures throughout the day and tag us in your favourites @myyervana or #yervana on Instagram.

Wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day

We hope you have found the inspiration you needed to plan out an adventurous Valentines Day with your loved one.

Happy Valentines Day from Team Yervana!

Take us along on your Adventure! Tag us in your photos @myyervana #yervana on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our page! 

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