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Adventuring with Kids

Hike with Kids

We’re convinced getting children outside, into nature, with a smile on their face is one of the sweetest feelings. Are you looking to introduce your kids to the outdoors? Adventuring with kids and good vibes is possible- this blog will tell you how! 

By: Lucinda Watkins

Getting my children to love hiking has been a journey I’ve enjoyed since the beginning! I wanted them to be able to come with me and love the outdoors just as much as I do. And now they do. People ask me, “how did you get them to love adventuring with you?”

But first, let’s talk about the why. Why should we take them into the outdoors? For a few reasons. Number one, we want to make sure our children are never left behind. Second, to teach them resilience. There may be hard moments (cold weather, rain storms or a steep incline to conquer), but once they make it through, they’ll see the hard work was totally worth it!

Tips and Tricks to Get Your Kids Adventuring 

Start Early

This is key! You’ll be ready to go and they’ll have plenty of energy. You can even try letting them know they’ll have the rest of the day to hang out with their friends. There are many awesome trails that are stroller friendly and accessible for younger children, plus there are also some great baby backpacks available.  

A woman hiking with a baby backpack

Start Easy

Picking the right, age appropriate hike can be daunting. Consider starting with a 1-2km adventure. Your young children probably won’t love it if you try to make them walk 9km in their first hike. I started my daughter with 1-2km at age 5. By age 7, she had worked up to ~9km hikes and my 10 year old can now do most of the hikes I can!

Make the Adventure Fantastic, Fascinating and Interesting

Go somewhere cool! Consider waterfalls, gorgeous lakes, canyons with pictographs, underground streams coming out of the side of a mountain- something rich with history. When you get excited by talking about what they’ll see and how great it will feel to reach the destination, they’ll mimic your excitement! Lead by example.

Bring Yummy Snacks

My kids will make activity decisions based on how good the snacks will be. So bring lots of snacks! Find something they love and save it for the finish line. This works (with adults too)!

Woman and a child walking through a forest

Fantastic Starter Hikes in Canmore

Here are some of the locations I can take you on my Yervana Adventure: 

Grassi Lakes

Discover a stunning waterfall, underground streams, and a gorgeous, multi-colored lake at the top! Located near Canmore, this is a 4km round trip.

Grotto Creek Canyon

Walk through a canyon containing pictographs, rock climbers, a waterfall and a creek bed to follow. Located near Canmore, this is a 3.8 km round trip.

Heart Creek

This is an easy trail that follows a dry creek bed to a beautiful waterfall. Located near Canmore, this trail is 3 km round trip.


Take your kids, get outside, and enjoy nature!

Lucinda Watkins is a certified field leader, through the Outdoor Council of Canada, and a personal trainer.

As an avid hiker and backpacker, she wants to share her love for the outdoors and mountains with as many people as possible. She focuses on both safety and enjoyment on her excursions. 

Yervana Child-Friendly Adventures



Discover all you need to know to thrive in the outdoors with a fun day of hands-on learning with a professional ACMG guide, Outdoor Educator and certified Leave No Trace Master. Families with kids ages 12+ are welcome!



From Vancouver, we will head up the scenic Sea to Sky Highway visiting three gorgeous falls; Shannon, Brandywine and Alexander. This tour is family-friendly.

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