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Guide In The Backcountry Showing Snow Safety

Backcountry Snow Safety

We sat down with one of our Locals to get the scoop on what someone new to the outdoors should know before going backcountry! Read on for all the details.
People And Dog Practicing Responsible Travel While Camping

How to Be a Responsible Traveller

At Yervana, community and sustainability are huge aspects of our identity. Ensuring our Earth’s continuity for future generations is of utmost importance. Read on for responsible travel tips!
An ACMG Rock Climber High Above A Valley With Mountains In The Background

New Partnership: the ACMG

We're excited to announce our newest partnership - supporting safe and trusted Adventures - with the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (the ACMG)!

Explore Alberta This Fall

During the fall months we can forget to find our work-life balance as we get back to day-to-day priorities following the summer break. Here's why you should explore Alberta this fall!
A Waterfall On A Beach With Logs In The Foreground. Part Of The West Coast Trail.

Hike the West Coast Trail

A stunning spot to get your West Coast fix is the multi-day backcountry West Coast Trail (WCT)- one of the top ten, worldwide, hiking spots! At 75km length, this incredible backpacking trail is the “granddaddy of all coastal hikes on Vancouver Island.”
Two Parents Hiking With Children In The Mountains

Adventuring with Kids

Are you looking to introduce your kids to the outdoors? Lucinda Watkins shares her tips on adventuring with kids and teaching them the joys of hiking!
The Best Of Calgary

The Best of Calgary

Calgary comes to life in summer! While the city is brimming with exciting things to do, its close proximity to the Rocky Mountains means Calgary is an ideal base for both outdoor enthusiasts and city lovers looking for an adventure in the outdoors.
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