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Planning a Unique Bachelor or Bachelorette Party: The Ultimate Guide

Five women on a wine tour bachelorette party in Kelowna, BC

Image: Maegan Matthews, Wild Hearts Creative

Planning a Unique Bachelor or Bachelorette Party: The Ultimate Guide

The time has come, and your best friend is getting married – yay! They’ve asked you to join the wedding party, you’re getting excited for the big day, and you can’t wait for the fun memories ahead. Then, a big hurdle is thrown your way – the bachelor or bachelorette party. Before you can get the good times rolling, you need to put plans in motion for the most fun, unique, memorable party possible. Sound like a lot? No worries. Read on for nine helpful tips to plan an unforgettable bachelor or bachelorette party, no stress required.


Image: Maegan Matthews, Wild Hearts Creative

1. Start with the bride or groom

Bach parties are a lot of fun, but bringing together a unique group of people for a big day has a lot of moving parts. Our biggest piece of advice? Don’t get too swept up in a multitude of “should-do”s. Stop to consider the bride or groom’s interests, hobbies, and passions and go from there. After all, that’s who you’re celebrating! Does she love exploring new places with adventurous hikes? Does he get a thrill from rappelling down steep rock faces? Are they passionate about getting out on a kayak or raft? Start by envisioning a day the bride or groom would LOVE, and make your plans from there! 

2. Take a twist on tradition

If giant cocktails, party games, bachelor/bachelorette decorations and nights that resemble The Hangover aren’t quite your group’s thing, don’t sweat it! There’s no particular way a bach party should look. As long as the bride or groom is loving it, that’s what matters! Let go of the expectation to have a traditional bach party, and instead, focus on creating a really epic experience. Of course, there are ways in which you can incorporate traditional elements – might we suggest making her wear a veil on your outdoor adventure? 

3. Suss out the group

Be sure to talk to the wedding party to see what people’s abilities are, and what they’re comfortable with. If you’re looking to do something outdoors, choose an activity that will ensure everyone has a good time. Luckily, we can help you find an outdoor adventure suited to any group or skill level – just ask! Which brings us to our next tip…

Group of men going caving at a bachelor party

Image: A bachelor party caving!

4. Leave it to the experts

The best way to eliminate the stress of planning is to simply, not plan! Or, get a bit of help. That’s what our adventure experts are there for. Let us know what your group’s vibe is, and we’ll match you with a curated set of adventure options tailored to your budget, timeframe & comfort level. How easy is that!

5. Try something new

A great way to get to know your wedding party, especially if you haven’t met some people before, is to try something new as a group! Have you ever tried sailing? How about rafting? Or canyoning? By taking part in a new experience together, you’ll have a great sense of connection within the group, and create amazing memories together.

Discover Ideas for an Adventurous Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

Plan a unique outing to remember... For all the right reasons!

6. Relax and explore

If your wedding party is in the mood for rest and relaxation, you can still plan a unique experience! Consider a wine tour with a twist (like a ride in a Jeep), hiking and yoga, or sampling local cuisine and seeing the sights with a knowledgeable guide! 

7. Add a little bit of spice to your bachelor or bachelorette party

Is your group more interested in heart-pounding, exhilarating thrills? Take things to the extreme with rafting on whitewater rapids, backcountry ATVing or mountain biking! Or, try a new adventure like canyoning, eFoiling, or flyboarding! You’ll have everyone saying, “wow, let’s do that again!”

Four women laughing at a bachelorette party in Kelowna

Image: Maegan Matthews, Wild Hearts Creative

8. Lean into the bachelor or bachelorette theme

If nothing else, a bachelor or bachelorette is a chance to have some cheesy, unapologetic fun. This means it’s the perfect opportunity to find a theme, and use it! Once you’ve planned your activity, think of how you can build a theme around it, and go hard. For example, if your bach party is centered around mountain biking, consider creating personalized cycling water bottles! Or, create a name for your party tied into the experience, such as “One last sail before the veil,” or “Summit, then commit.” Have fun with it! The bride or groom will love it. 

9. Enjoy the ride! 

At the end of all your hard work planning and organizing, there’s one last job for you – to enjoy it! Take part in the experience, have fun, take lots of photos, and relax, you’ve earned it. Cheers!

Are you in the midst of bach planning? Eliminate the stress! Check out the adventure ideas below, and get in touch with us to book!

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