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Beautiful Snowshoeing Trails Close to Vancouver

Female sitting at the end of a beautiful snowshoeing trail near vancouver

“What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?”

— John Steinbeck

And isn’t that the truth for all of us who love the outdoors. The best way to appreciate the nature we have access to is to see it in all seasons. A great way to see our favourite hikes in the “cold of winter” is to strap on a pair of snowshoes and get moving!

Cypress Mountain

When accessing these trails, ensure you pick up your Backcountry Access Corridor pass. This pass is free from the Cypress Ski Resort and allows you into the Corridor between 9am-10pm. 

Bowen Island Lookout

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 1.5 hours

Round-Trip: 4km

Elevation Gain: 110m

Dog-Friendly: On leash

Why we love it!

Sometimes we want beautiful snowshoeing trails close to Vancouver, but we also want a workout. And when we want a good, quick workout that’s close to home, this is the hike we go for. With a viewpoint we could look out at for hours, the Bowen Island lookout is one of a kind. Located on Cypress Mountain, the beginning of the hike winds itself through close knitted pines and borders pristine ponds. Once you hit the the climb, you can coax yourself on with the promise of a stunning view with various birds playing coy around you.

Hollyburn Mountain

Difficulty: Moderate

Time: 3-4 hours

Round-Trip: 7km

Elevation Gain: 450m

Dog-Friendly: On leash

Why we love it!

This adventure makes us work for a spectacular view. While spending time at the peak you’ll be able to see the Howe Sound inlet, Vancouver, impressive mountains and immersive forest. The 360 degree view is worth the workout to get there. After the break at the summit, we enjoy sliding down the steep trails on our bottoms- a great way to end the day with laughter! Make sure you bring your best waterproof pants for this.

St Marks Summit

Difficulty: Moderate

Time: 4-5 hours

Round-Trip: 11km

Elevation Gain: 460m

Dog-Friendly: On leash

Why we love it!

This adventure gives us a taste of the backcountry even though it’s so close to the city. Although this hike can be heavily travelled in the summer, less people tend to make the trek during the winter. Make sure you check the avalanche conditions and weather reports before you head out for the day! Follow the signs and reward yourself with an awesome view of Howe Sound – a perfect Sea-to-Sky look out.

Mount Seymour

Dog Mountain

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 2 hours

Round-Trip: 4.4km

Elevation Gain: 34m

Dog-Friendly: On leash

Why do we love it?

Fresh air, an easy walk with friends (or solo), and an amazing view- what more could we ask for? This trail is best used immediately after fresh dump of pow’! Because the trail is heavily used, you can often get away with using microspikes when there isn’t fresh snow.

Mt Seymour (Pump Peak)

Difficulty: Moderate

Time: 4 hours

Round-Trip: 7km

Elevation Gain: 373m

Dog-Friendly: On leash

Why do we love it?

This trail is a challenge, a step-up from Dog Mountain. Once we begin to see the summit in the distance, a goal to work toward begins- and we’re never disappointed with the end result. With epic views all the way up, the final viewpoint gives us an incredible feeling every time. This snowshoe trail fits all of our needs, from the workout to the different aspects of nature we get to witness. Keep in mind, this trail can be heavily used in between snowfalls. If there hasn’t been a fresh dump recently, consider using microspikes instead!

Gear Up

What should you bring along?

Here’s what we recommend for you to bring along:

  • Warm (and waterproof) clothing
    • Toque, gloves, neck warmer, socks.
    • Layers of clothing.
    • Waterproof or water-resistant clothing is a good idea if you plan on slipping and sliding your way around!
  • Food
    • We strongly recommend a hot chocolate or cider to treat yourself with at the top.
  • Back-up
    • Clothes, flashlight, food, first-aid- prepare yourself for the worst, just in case!

Remember to check conditions before you head in, pack everything in and out, and stick to the trails.

Finding beautiful snowshoeing trails close to Vancouver is a great way to take advantage of some awesome terrain in the winter months. If you’re looking for a way to buddy-up, get out under the stars, or learn a few more things about the trails you’re on, Yervana can help! Check out our snowshoe adventures on our website or iOS app.

See you on the trails!



This 2.5-hour snowshoe tour takes you through a mysterious forest and down an old trapper’s path known as the Medicine Trail. Gaze at giant cedar, fir, and hemlock trees, sample teas made from medicinal plants that grow on the route, and capture photographs of Trapper’s Cabin and Totem Pole Lake.



Spend an evening learning about avalanches while snowshoeing around Mt Seymour Provincial Park. On a clear night you will experience an exceptional view of the stars with the city of Vancouver in your sights.

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