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Benefits of Taking Your Team on an Adventure

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Benefits of Planning an Outdoor Team Adventure

Nowadays companies are adopting the digital workplace and online work spaces are the here-to-stay norm in organizational structure. With this shift in culture, comes many gains but also the loss of face time. An intangible piece to employee connection that cannot be firmly measured or tracked. But what we all know is that in person connection is vital to the momentum and participation of employees. 

Our Yervana team has been remote based long before the covid-19 pandemic and this pursuit for in-real-life moments has been at the forefront of our team’s goals and strategy. 

So how do you do it? How do you prioritize it? How do you convince leadership of it’s value without providing data and pie charts? 

Our team of outdoor event experts seeks to answer these questions and provide you with benefits of heading out on a team adventure! Read on to discover our top 5 reasons to book an outdoor team adventure!

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Here are our top 5 reasons why you should connect with your team on an outdoor adventure!

1. Build a stronger team

Communication, teamwork, and creativity are all strengthened through team building exercises. When you meet in person and embark on an adventure outdoors together you’ll be able to improve team cohesion, challenge limits, build confidence, and strengthen bonds. Connecting with your team outdoors can also help everyone to get to know each other better and learn to work together as a team outside of work.

2. Breaking down barriers

Mixing and mingling with your work family is the best way to build bonds. But what about the departments that team members don’t work directly with? Inviting the entire team to an outdoor team-building event allows for everyone to meet and learn about one another. Coworkers on the other side of the wall (or screen!) become more human as a result of these new interactions. What an excellent way to cultivate the team on a broader scale!

3. Connect without distractions

Just being out in nature provides the perfect setting for connecting with your surroundings, now add in an adventurous activity that will allow everyone to immerse themselves in the moment. Given the opportunity to step away from the constant distractions of cell phones, notifications, and computer screens your team will be able to connect on a deeper level.

4. Grow company culture

Does your company strive to uphold a strong collaborative culture? If so, giving your employees the chance to connect outside of work projects can be key to validating your employees, promoting creativity, boosting company morale, and creating a better, more focused team!

5. Learn something new

You’ll be surprised what you learn about your team and even yourself when you head out on an off the beaten path outdoor adventure! Connecting with your team in the great outdoors inspires a sense of discovery and gives opportunities for learning a new skill, about a new area, and about one another.


Kickstart your company team adventure with Yervana today!

When you book with Yervana you’ll be directly supporting local businesses within your community. We partner with the best local guides and businesses for all elements of your corporate adventure. You’ll also discover hidden gems in your own backyard! 

Let our experienced outdoor activity guides show you the best adventures to embark on!

Start planning your next team Adventure!

Tell us about your company to help us plan an epic out-of-office day for your team. We'll be in touch shortly with some suitable adventures.

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