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Locals Meetup: Hiking the BCMC

Creating an active community (in more ways than one!) is what we’re all about. Yervana is designed to help people share their knowledge, discover new paths and explore the outdoors together. Our Yervana Locals Meetups is one way we're getting…

June 22, 2018

Meet Derek Tsui: The First Yervana Local

Derek Tsui is very literally the definition of Yervana. In fact, he’s the local who inspired our outdoor adventure platform! Originally hailing from Pemberton, BC, and now based in Squamish, the Sea to Sky Corridor was Derek’s playground growing up.…

June 14, 2018

North Shore Mountain Biking – Freeride Fromme, Shred Seymour

For outdoor thrill-seekers and risk-takers, there’s nothing like mountain biking in the peaks of North Vancouver. The North Shore is home to world-famous epic rides, an incredible variety of challenging and exciting trails, and of course, breathtaking scenery. MTB…

May 28, 2018
The Yervana Crew At Wilderness First Aid Training

Why You Should Take A Wilderness First Aid Course

(FYI—Everyone pictured in our first Locals Wilderness First Aid class walked out alive!) Did you know that if someone is having an asthma attack and doesn’t have medicine, caffeine can be used as a substitute? Or that keeping your phone…

May 16, 2018

Why Do We Love Summer in BC? Watch and Find Out!

Time to pack away your gloves, toques and skis, it’s almost summer! There’s nothing like those first few days of sunshine as we move into spring, and we’re already dreaming of all our favourite summer outdoor activities: hiking, biking, paddle…

May 14, 2018

3 Hikes Around Vancouver for Early Spring

Vancouver is beautiful in the spring and everyone wants to get outside and enjoy the start of the season, but even though the sun is finally out, a lot of the best local hikes are still covered in snow. Don’t…

May 3, 2018

Close to Home: Jakob Gjerluff Ager

Growing up on the cold and windy Danish west coast, Jakob Ager was sailing and surfing from a young age. He’s lived and worked in the mountains of Norway, and currently resides in Vancouver BC, working as a freelance photographer.…

April 18, 2018

A Walk on the Wild Side: Yervana Local Amber Rittinger

We all have reasons why we can’t go on that hike/bike/run/canoe trip. Maybe you tell yourself, ‘I'm out of shape, I’ll slow everyone down’ or ‘I don’t have the gear,’ or even simply ‘I don’t know where to start.’ Amber…

April 18, 2018
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