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To Provide Boating Adventures on Yervana, the following requirements must be met:

Boating Adventures

  • Adventures will be less than 8 hours
  • Will operate in Near Coastal Class 2 (less than 2 nautical miles from shore)
  • Locals will stipulate if they will be offering adventures year-round or seasonal.

Boats Requirements*


  • Minimum boat size is 24 ft
  • Boats must be registered and have their registration numbers properly displayed
  • Protection rails to prevent people from falling overboard
  • Must carry a sound signal device, have operational running lights and anchor light
  • Must have functional blowers in the engine compartments, an auto bilge pump and a manual bilge pump
  • Anchor with 30 meters of rope/cable/chain on board
  • Buoyant heaving line 15 meters
  • All boats would require their own insurance and current inwater/out of water survey


  • Life vests for all people on board
  • Marine First Aid Kit on board
  • Class C Fire extinguishers
  • Waterproof flashlight


  • Radar and/or charts for the area you are operating in


  • Marine radio communication system
  • Carry secondary communication — cell phone
  • Distress flares (type A, B, C and D)

Local Requirements

  • Pleasure craft operator’s license
  • Power Squadron license (optional)
  • Personal marine insurance
    • Will have to provide a copy of their insurance
    • Will be required to name Yervana as an additional insured
  • Minimum of 5 years boating experience and 2 years experience in the operating area
  • The following insurance companies allow personal boating insurance for up to 30 charters per year with a max of 6 people per charter
    • Beacon
    • Intact


All Yervana Locals providing boating adventures must carry enough liability insurance for the number of passengers that they will carry.

The Federal Marine Liability Act, Regulations Respecting Compulsory Insurance for Ships Carrying Passengers, has been amended (effective January 11, 2019).. The regulations require commercial and public purpose ships carrying passengers to maintain liability insurance for death or personal injury in a minimum amount of $250,000 multiplied by the ship’s passenger capacity.

Most Marine underwriters will allow a certain amount of casual charters per year. We recommend that you contact your current provider to first request if they can extend the coverage and add Yervana Services Inc as an additional insured. Most underwriters will do this at no additional cost to you.

If your insurance company will not allow casual charters, let us know! We have relationships with underwriters that are able to help you.

Contact for more information.

* All requirements are the mandatory requirements by Transport Canada

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