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Learning Indigenous Culture Through Authentic Adventures

Learning Indigenous Culture through Authentic Adventures

Take part in the authentic and inspiring Indigenous activities throughout the country. From hearing about the Indigenous culture on the gulf islands to witnessing traditional hunting gathering skills in the Rocky Mountains, feel the vibrant energy amid ancient forests, coastlines, and the diverse lands across Canada.
Alberta Fishing Adventure

Adventures for the Outdoor Dad

If you’re guilty of repeatedly buying your dad hiking socks, opt for a unique gift idea this Father’s Day. Experience an outdoor Adventure together.
A Man At The Top Of A Waterfall Attached To Ropes While Canyoning In Vancouver

Discover Canyoning in West Vancouver

Deep in the canyons of West Vancouver, with waterfalls, swimming holes, and natural waterslides aplenty, canyoning is sure to leave you exhilarated and thirsty for Adventure. But what exactly is this up-and-coming sport? Our team headed out with Yervana Local, FX Gagnon, to try it out!
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