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Yervana & the Environment

We hold our Explorers and Locals to a high standard of accountability in environmental stewardship. Part of this standard includes committing to the upkeep of our environment and supporting organizations that embody low environmental impact.

Our goal is both to build sustainable eco-tourism and continue working to sustain the beautiful trails and areas that our Locals call home.

Here are some useful resources for more information, guidance, and inspiration!

Women walking through a pass practicing sustainable tourism via Yervana

Feet hanging out of tent, overlooking campsite

Minimize Your Impact

Pack it in, pack it out! We believe in and uphold the “Leave No Trace Seven Principles.”

Find out more on Leave No Trace, Canada, here.

We encourage each of our Locals and Explorers to follow these guidelines whenever they get outdoors and on an Adventure!

BC Parks Foundation

The BC Parks Foundation’s mission is to protect, enhance, and pass on the magic of BC’s most beautiful places so they can flourish now and forever. We support their stewardship and our shared commitment to sustainability by including a two-dollar fee on our BC Adventures, with all proceeds going to the Foundation. Learn more by reading our interview with their CEO, Andy Day, and by visiting their website.

BC Parks Foundation Logo

Parks are living arks. Their cargo is the magic of life… a sacred legacy 

bestowed from the original earth, passing through our hands, to the future.

– Andy Day, CEO, BC Parks Foundation.

Parks Canada

If you’re interested in seeing the steps the Government of Canada is taking to protect our environment, you can follow along on the Parks Canada website. You can also find ways to get involved in conservation and meet some of the people who are involved in protecting our Parks!

Try an Adventure

The best way to build your love for our environment is by getting outside and experiencing it. Here is a small sampling of Adventures to try!

Two trail runners on a rock overlooking mountains covered in trees

Hiking with Breathtaking Views

Squamish, BC, Canada   |     Hiking

Squamish is home to some of the best hiking trails in the Sea to Sky Corridor! I would love to find the trails that give you the best adventure – steep and rocky reaching majestic vistas, or flat and easy trails along the edge of pretty lakes.

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Group of people during Canadian Rockies canyoning exploration

Half-Day Canadian Rockies Canyon Exploration

Canmore, AB, Canada   |     Hiking

Hike through this water sculpted canyon in the heart of the Canadian Rockies below the towering Grotto Mountain. This family friendly hike leads up an canyon scoured white by flood waters, past pictographs, water or ice falls and interesting rock formations such as Hoodoos!

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Climbing the Mt Stelfox Via Ferrata

Mt. Stelfox Via Ferrata

Canmore, AB, Canada   |     Climbing

We will show you how to secure yourself into the cable with your lanyards as you climb the steel rungs of the Via Ferrata. It is a very leisurely and enjoyable day with stunning views that are nothing short of spectacular!

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