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Explore Alberta This Fall


Why explore Alberta in fall? The physical features of Alberta are diverse- from the Rocky Mountains and towering pines to tall hoodoos and arid badlands. There is something here for everyone in this province! During the fall months we can forget to find our work-life balance as we get back to day-to-day priorities following the summer break. But for those of us still yearning for adventure, a trip to Alberta in fall can be the perfect time to get outdoors. Here are 5 benefits of travelling during shoulder season – whether you’re out for a day, a weekend, a week or longer – and 5 adventures to take during this tranquil time on the trails.

Banff Highline Backpacking trip with Mt Assiniboine in the background

5 Benefits of Visiting Alberta in Fall

Fewer Crowds

During the summer months, and even the winter months, Alberta’s main cities are filled with tourists chasing new experiences and adventures in every corner. But as the shoulder seasons approach, the waves of tourists start to slow- leaving room for people to explore with less crowds. Fall is your chance to catch some of the must-see areas and engage in more popular adventures with fewer people around!

Milder Temperatures

Alberta is an interesting province. Not only does it have desert-like environments in the Badlands, but there’s also dense forest and sheer mountain ranges in the Rocky Mountains. You will also experience dramatic temperature changes between summer and winter (from ~30 degrees to -30 degrees). But fall? This is your window to experience milder temperatures- perfect for you to explore Alberta!

Couple hiking past autumn trees with views down the valley to Lake Louise in Banff National Park, Alberta

The Views

There’s something stunning about autumn colours. The golds, reds and oranges that light up the world in fall seem to bring a certain magic to the environments we explore. Alberta manages to capture these colours perfectly. Imagine descending into a valley and being immersed in fiery colour left, right and centre. The sun glints off the trees and the air is quiet. This is a common experience during fall in Alberta!

The Prices

Let’s just say it, saving money is the best. Fall is when stores are trying to clear out merchandise for the next season, so discounts can be found everywhere. This is applicable to most businesses at this time. Keep your eye out for awesome discounts around Alberta.


With autumn comes the return to school, the end of vacations and the preparation for holidays (ex. Thanksgiving and Christmas). At this time of year, we sometimes forget to keep work-life balance in our lives. Whether you find yourself needing a day or a weekend, take some time to keep yourself refreshed during the fall months.

A Marmot And Hikers Near Mt Brazeau Near Jasper

5 Alberta Adventures for Fall


Getting outside on your lunch break or putting aside some time on the weekend to go hiking will give you numerous mental and physical health rewards. Make sure you get outside and into the crisp fall air for a quick reset on work-heavy days! If you’re located in Edmonton, Alberta, Local, Alison, can help you out with a lunch break stroll or a custom nature therapy inspired walk. If you’re venturing outside the big cities, consider meditating in the mountains or enjoying a full moon hike with Local, Terri! You can also join Local and ACMG Guide, Shauna, on a hike in the Canadian Rockies- full day or half.

Road Trip Within Banff National Park During Fall In Alberta


Alberta lake and river fishing can be an unforgettable experience. Take the time to learn proper technique while catching Northern Pike, Trophy Walleye, Lake Trout, Burbot, Yellow Perch, Goldeye or Whitefish. The best way to become familiar with these species is to see them in person! The fishing locations offered by local professional fishing guide, Ray, are only 60 minutes from Edmonton. Book your reel’ Canadian fishing Adventure via Yervana for a truly personalized experience. Equipment included!


When the hustle and bustle of going back to school or work becomes too much, finding ways to reset the mind and body is crucial. Spending time outdoors developing your photographic eye can be an awesome way to slow down and come back to living in the moment. Grab your camera, head outside and capture some big or small autumn moments! Whether you’re catching the fall colours in Larch Valley or overlooking the Icefields Parkway while on a climbing Adventure, we want to see it. Remember to tag us on Instagram, when you explore Alberta, for a chance to be featured: @MyYervana or #Yervana. If you’re looking for some tips and tricks for photography skills and technique, check out one of our photography Adventures!


Experiencing a rainy day? Hit your local gym for a bouldering session or practice your technique at an indoor climbing wall. . But on a perfect, dry autumn day, aim for the Rocky Mountains near Banff. When you’re climbing high outside, you’ll be rewarded with colour-filled views and fresh mountain air. Whether you’re new to the sport or an experienced climber looking for a new route, you’ll find a suitable Adventure using Yervana. Our Local, Jeff, offers an Introduction to Rock Climbing Adventure, along with a two-day alpine climb at Mt Athabasca. Send him a message to arrange availability. For something a little different, reach out to Paddy to see when he can take you on the Mt. Stelfox Via Ferrata!


Both mountain biking and road biking are options in Alberta. Whether you’re taking a quick cycle for fitness and personal recharge, or you’re taking a day or two to see the trails in Alberta’s big-wild, biking is a sure-fire way to see all the benefits autumn has to offer. Local, Ryan, offers customized mountain biking and fat biking Adventures near Canmore- perfect for both beginners and those with more experience!

We can’t wait to see you while you explore Alberta this fall!

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Woman holding a fish while fishing on a lake in Alberta



Join Local, Ray, for an unforgettable all-inclusive guided fishing tour & outdoor Adventure on some of Alberta’s finest lakes and rivers. All within one to five hours of Edmonton, Alberta. Fishing equipment, lunch and more included!



Experience a new type of adventure and bring your camera! You’ll need it. With photographer, Lisa Kinnear (Bound for Mountain Photography), you can learn how to photograph the milky way. Enjoy hiking, expanding your photographic eye and snacks!

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