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Explore how Yervana works
Do you want to share
your local knowledge?
Do you want to connect
with real people and
explore the outdoors?


Our Features make it easier than ever to connect with adventure seekers and explore the outdoors

You live to explore the outdoors, and you’ve got time and expertise to share, so why not get paid to play?

Earn extra cash by exploring your own backyard when you become a Yervana Local. Our secure, easy-to-use platform connects you to adventure seekers, and helps you list activities, manage your schedule and bookings, and get paid. All you have to worry about is delivering an unforgettable experience.

Whether it’s your first time trying an activity, or your first visit to the area, find the perfect personalized outdoor adventure for you with Yervana. Connect with our network of knowledgeable Locals  who can’t wait to host your next adventure, showing you their favourite activities and places.

Use the app to explore our growing list of adventures and immerse yourself in an unforgettable outdoor experience.


Selection of Activities

We currently feature, biking, hiking, skiing, photography, and snowshoeing adventures in the Greater Vancouver and Whistler area. We’re expanding our list of Locals and activities daily, expect to see activities like canoeing, kayaking, sailing, cross-country skiing and more added soon.

Selection of Locals

When you book an adventure with a Yervana Local, you’re experiencing the outdoors with a knowledgeable host who loves the outdoors and knows the area like the back of their hand.

Get to know the Locals by checking out their profiles, and use the in-app messaging service to ask questions and finalize details before your activity.

Activity Guide And Profile

Your Local host is there to show you the ropes, and a great time. They tailor-make each activity from start to finish so that you have the best experience possible.

The activity listing will outline your adventure details and what to expect, including:
• Difficulty level
• How to prepare
• What to bring
• What’s included in your adventure
(for example: equipment rental, lift tickets or light snacks.)

Whether it’s what to wear or where to take incredible photos, whatever you can think of, your host has thought of it first.

Selection of Activities

Browse, select and pay for an activity through the app in 4 easy steps.

  1. Choose an adventure.
  2. Select the day/days on the calendar – it will tell which days the Local/Activity you selected is available.
  3. Hit “Book Now” and proceed directly to payment. You’re done!
  4. Message your Yervana local to learn more.

Easy Management

Before or once you’ve booked an adventure, you have the option of using in-app messaging to communicate with your host. You can learn more about the adventure they are offering or coordinate last minute details.

Don’t be shy, use the messaging service if you have questions of any kind, your Local is here to help.

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