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GET PAID TO PLAY. You live to explore the outdoors, and you’ve got time and expertise to share. You have the ability to lead the way, show people more than just the sights and create unforgettable experiences for adventure seekers. Connect to our community through the app and share the places, paths and activities you love from your own backyard with Yervana Explorers.

YOU DECIDE WHEN AND WHERE. The beaten path is boring. Yervana is a community of individuals searching for something different. You’re the designer of your Explorer’s experience, as a Local, the adventure starts and ends with you.

SHARE YOUR PASSION. Blaze new trails and create new memories. Be a leader in our growing network of outdoor adventure seekers, ready to immerse themselves in unique experiences and activities. Yervana has simple and secure systems in place that allow you to list activities, manage bookings, and get paid so all you have to worry about is delivering an unforgettable authentic experience.


Easy-to-Create Listings

Yervana activity listings are easy to create, manage and edit.

Locals can draft, publish and edit existing activities as well as creating drafts for future listings.

Direct Payment

Our secure payment platform makes it easy for Explorers to pay, and even easier for Locals to get paid.

Your banking and payment details will be confirmed by our team after setting up your profile. Once those steps are complete, you’re set to earn cash doing what you love.

Payment appears in your account within 48 hours of completing an adventure.


Yes we’ve got your back, Yervana provides $1M insurance coverage.


The calendar allows you to select which dates you’re available to accept bookings, so you can tailor it to your schedule. You’re in full control of when, how and where.

In-App Messaging

Message directly in the app to coordinate with Explorers who have booked adventures with you. Get to know them, alter last minute details, provide information and ask
questions to personalize the experience.


You lead the way and we’ll clear the path. Our team is here to help you finalize your profile, and answer any questions that come up about creating listings, payment options and technical issues.

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