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Learning to Ski in Vancouver: A Beginner’s Guide

Hitting the slopes is a quintessential BC winter experience — if you have never tried skiing or snowboarding before, it’s not too late to learn! Between the picturesque views, fresh mountain air, and active fun for the whole family, even on a rainy day, there are so many reasons to pick up this winter sport! 

Read on for our tips on how to learn to ski and discover our newest all inclusive snow package on Grouse Mountain. 

Ski gear

The first thing you’ll need to either purchase or rent is your gear! To get started on the mountain you will need:

  • Skis
  • Boots
  • Poles
  • Ski pants and jacket

If you’re just starting out, there are a number of ski and snowboard rental stores within Vancouver to pick up your gear before setting out. For ease, you might prefer to rent directly on the mountain to avoid the hassle of hauling your gear up with you. All inclusive lessons are also a great option to make sure everything you need is covered and waiting for you on arrival.

Beginner ski fundamentals

Now that you have your gear sorted it’s time to start using it! Before you head to the top of the mountain, find a flatter area to use to get used to gliding around on snow.

Next, you can start working on these fundamental skiing skills:

  • Stance
  • Sidestepping
  • Traversing

To master your stance you’ll want to practice having your feet shoulder width apart, elbows forward, and eyes are up.

Next is your sidestep, this movement will help you get moving and learn edge control. First start with your skis positioned across the hill, then engage your skis by tipping your knees uphill, and then you can take small steps sideways uphill.

After that you can start to work on traversing! Traversing is just like sidestepping, but without the steps. First, you’ll want to check uphill to ensure no one is coming down, then point your skis across the hill, tip your skis uphill slightly, place a majority of your weight on the downhill ski and shift your body towards that direction and back to make your way across the mountain.

The more you practice the better muscle memory you will have. Once the movements begin to feel natural you’ll start flowing down the slopes with ease.

Where to go to learn how to ski in Vancouver

One of the best mountains in Vancouver to learn how to ski or snowboard is just up the road!

Grouse Mountain is home to acres of beginner friendly runs and a magic carpet to take you there. It is the perfect place in Vancouver for those donning skis for the very first time.

Learn the slopes with an experienced Local

Speed up the learning process by booking our all inclusive snow lesson Adventure! Our experienced Local, Flo, can help build up your confidence on the hill as well as teach you how to safely and successfully make it down the mountain. In no time, you can be ready to graduate from green runs to blue!

Yervana Local, Flo, will teach you how to balance, skate, and slide down the hill as well as how to use the chairlift without dreadingly falling off at the top.

This all inclusive package includes priority boarding and a private Skyride to the top of the mountain, lift pass with priority access, private lesson, and gear rental! Plus Flo will greet you at the base of the Mountain and accompany you on board the Skyride to the mountaintop.

Few winter experiences are more classically Canadian than skiing on pristine mountain slopes while taking in the cityscape and views of the ocean and surrounding Gulf Islands.

We hope to see you on the slopes!

Grouse Mountain Snow Lesson Package
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Backcountry Skiing / Splitboarding
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Ski Touring
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