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Locals Meetup: Hiking the BCMC

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Creating an active community (in more ways than one!) is what we’re all about. Yervana is designed to help people share their knowledge, discover new paths and explore the outdoors together. Our Yervana Locals Meetups is one way we’re getting people on the trail together.

The Sea to Sky corridor is famous for its natural beauty. It attracts all kinds of people who love the outdoors, but sometimes meeting people with the same passion for the outdoors can be challenging (especially if you’re new to Vancouver.) That’s why we host events for our community, like our recent Locals BCMC Hike!

Events and Activities for Locals

To continue our mission of creating a community and getting people outside, we host regular activities and events for Yervana Locals. These events are a way for Locals to get to know each other, share what they’ve learned, and discover new ways to enhance their Adventures from each other, making their Explorer experiences even more incredible. We plan to host meetups led by our Locals every month. The meetups are open to anyone who is looking to become a Yervana Local and host Adventures. Our most recent Locals activity was an after work hike on the BCMC!


The Grouse Grind often hogs the spotlight, but if you’ve never heard of the BCMC, we think it’s an amazing hike and a great alternative to the Grind when you want something a little different, and a little less busy. 

The BCMC Trail is located just east of the Grouse Grind, the trail starts in the same place as the Grind before branching off onto the Baden Powell, then left and it’s a steep climb up the mountain to Grouse Chalet (where you can buy a $15 lift ticket down.)

Hikers in the Spotlight

Our group of BCMC hikers came from all walks of life (no pun intended!) Our group included an accountant, a fitness instructor, a marketing manager, a UBC student and more–and they all had one thing in common: they love to get outside!

Each meetup spotlights a different Local in our community, shining a light on their talents and giving them a chance to share what sets them apart from the rest. After making their way up the mountain, our hikers were treated to an outdoor photography lesson by an amazing photographer and Yervana Local, Cherihan. We finished the evening by sitting back, watching the sunset, and enjoying drinks, snacks, and most of all, each other.

Join the Next Meetup!

Yervana is an active community (in more ways than one!) and we’re always looking for new people and fresh ideas.

Do you have an idea for a Yervana Meetup? Become a Yervana Local and discover upcoming Locals Meetups and community events! Sign up for newsletter to stay in the loop!

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