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Our Commitment to Safety

Yervana is committed to growing awareness of safety in the outdoors and encouraging environmentally sustainable travel with our global community of outdoor adventurers.  

Safety Requirements for our Locals

Yervana follows a thorough safety screening process for our Locals. Before any Adventures go online, we verify the safety qualifications, insurance, and permits of a Local.  We work closely with regulatory and certifying bodies to ensure we have the most recent information.

Locals must:

  • Meet (and they often exceed) the safety certification requirements for their activities.
  • Have at least $2 million insurance liability coverage.
  • Have valid permits for the areas they operate in.
  • Complete their Wilderness First Aid Courses

Learn more about our requirements to become a Yervana Local.

Safety and Education Partners

Yervana works hand-in-hand with the outdoor recreation community. We’ve built strong partnerships with government, non-profit, and for profit agencies that promote safety in the outdoors. Among our partners are:

Want to be our partner? Learn more here.

Try an Adventure

Yervana has assembled some of the best adventures led by some of the finest locals in the area. Here is a small sampling of adventures to try:

Two trail runners on a rock overlooking mountains covered in trees

Hiking with Breathtaking Views

Squamish, BC, Canada   |     Hiking

Squamish is home to some of the best hiking trails in the Sea to Sky Corridor! I would love to find the trails that give you the best adventure – steep and rocky reaching majestic vistas, or flat and easy trails along the edge of pretty lakes.

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A female rock climber with a tree filled valley and mountains in the background

Introduction to Rock Climbing

Banff, AB, Canada   |     Other 

The Rock Experience programs are designed to introduce you to the sport of rock climbing. This is a 1 day program which will get you climbing safely and introduced to the vertical world with a safety oriented approach.

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A “Reel” Canadian Fishing Adventure

Sturgeon County, AB, Canada   |     Fishing

Join me for an unforgettable all-inclusive guided fishing tour & outdoor Adventure on some of Alberta’s finest lakes and rivers within one to five hours of Edmonton, Alberta.

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