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Locals With Independent Insurance

We ask that locals with independent insurance have a minimum coverage of $2,000,000. If you have the correct coverage, we need a certificate of insurance with Yervana Services Inc named as an additional insured. This is a fairly standard procedure and most insurance companies will do this at no charge.

The Yervana information to be referenced is:

Yervana Services Inc 

510 Burrard Street, Suite 1010 

Vancouver, BC V6C 3A8.

Locals using Yervana’s Insurance

If you do not have appropriate insurance to be a Yervana Local we might be able to help. Using our insurance is a great, low cost alternative for Locals just starting out. Locals that have correct requirements can be listed on our insurance and run Adventures through Yervana. 

Requirements Include:

  • Completed the 20 hour Wilderness First Aid
    • See our Partners page for potential discounts on training courses
  • Appropriate certifications for the activities offered in your Adventures
  • Adventures are for front country activities e.g.: low level hiking, trail biking, paddle boarding, etc
  • You must be able to contact help in case of emergency during the duration of your adventure
  • There is a $250 annual administrative fee to be listed, the fee covers January 1 through December 31.

Yervana’s Insurance FAQs

What insurance coverage does Yervana provide to Locals?

  • If an accident happens and a third party, including Explorers, claims damages against a Local for which a Local is found liable then our insurance may cover up to $2 million of general liability for each occurrence and in the aggregate. The policy also includes coverage for medical expenses.

What is not covered by the insurance policy?

  • Any activities outside of those Adventures purchased through Yervana are not covered. Adventures must be booked through Yervana for full coverage.
  • The insurance policy covers only those Adventures and activities that the Local has included on their application for insurance. If a Local offers an Adventure that they did not describe on their insurance application then it may not be covered.

Does the insurance cover any transportation to or from the trail head?

  • No. Check with your automobile insurance provider regarding transportation insurance.

If the Adventure occurs in Alberta or BC Parks or on Crown Land in Alberta or BC, is this insurance sufficient for the Province of Alberta or the Province of BC?

  • Yes. Both Alberta and BC require $2 million of insurance coverage.

To apply to be listed on Yervana’s insurance or if you have any questions please contact us at

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