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Insurance FAQs
Yervana Services Inc.

These FAQs have been updated as of July 27, 2018

What insurance coverage does Yervana provide to Locals?

  • If an accident happens and a third party, including Explorers, claim damages against a Local for which a Local is found liable then our insurance covers up to $2 million of general liability coverage for each occurrence and in the aggregate. The policy also includes coverage for medical expenses.

What is not covered by the insurance policy?

  • Locals are covered by the insurance policy for Adventures that Explorers have signed a waiver are booked and paid for through Yervana. Any activities outside of those Adventures purchased through Yervana are not covered.
  • The insurance policy covers only those Adventures that the Local has included on their application for insurance. If a Local offers an Adventure that they did not describe on their insurance application then it may not be covered.

How does Yervana’s insurance coverage work with my existing insurance?

  • Each Local should review Yervana’s insurance policy with their own insurance coverage.

When does the insurance policy begin and end?

  • The insurance policy becomes effective when a Local takes Explorers on their first Adventure and applies to all Adventures offered through to the end of coverage on December 7, 2018. Since Yervana Services Inc.’s insurance policy covers 12 months, Yervana will obtain a new insurance policy that will be effective on December 8, 2018.

Does the insurance cover any transportation to or from the trail head?

  • No. Check with your automobile insurance provider regarding transportation insurance.

If the Adventure occurs in Alberta or BC Parks or on Crown Land in Alberta or BC, is this insurance sufficient for the Province of Alberta or the Province of BC?

  • Yes. Both Alberta and BC require $2 million of insurance coverage.

Who is the insurer?

  • Yervana Locals are insured by The Sovereign General Insurance Company.

As an Explorer, can I purchase additional insurance through Yervana?

  • No, not yet. Currently, Yervana does not offer additional insurance that can be purchased by Explorers but we would like to have an insurance carrier do so in the future.
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