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Local Resource Center

Welcome to our resource center for Yervana Locals! Take a look around to find guidance, tips and advice on setting up your profile and hosting Adventures on the Yervana platform.

If you’re looking for help on the Explorer side, booking or searching for Adventures, head over to our Explorer FAQs here.

If you can’t find the resources you need here, please contact us at

News & Feature Updates

October 2022

Yervana Booking Widget Info & Integration

We’re proud to announce the official release of our new Yervana Booking Widget! The Yervana-powered widget can be embedded directly into Locals websites and is an easy to use software designed specifically for adventure providers and guides. The article explains how to integrate Yervana’s widget into different platforms.

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News & Feature Updates

July 2022

Checkfront Integration Setup & Management

The Yervana tech team worked hard this summer to build an API connecting our Locals’ Checkfront calendar to their Yervana calendar. If you are a Checkfront user, you can learn how to connect and manage your calendars in the following article.

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Request to Book Feature

Locals can now take bookings on a request basis rather than taking instant bookings. This feature gives Locals 48 hours to accept or reject booking requests. The article identifies how to set up time slots on a Request to Book basis and provides a walk-through of accepting and rejecting requests.

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SMS Booking Confirmation Notifications

Locals are now able to receive Yervana booking confirmations as text messages. Included in the article are examples of what the confirmation texts look like and what Locals need to do to ensure that they are receiving these notifications.

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French Language Updates

The Yervana platform is now translated to French! Take a look at the article to learn how to view the homepage and adventures in French, as well as create adventures in French.

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June 2021

Including Indigenous Land Acknowledgement on your Adventure Listing

We’re encouraging all Yervana Locals to add a land acknowledgement to their listings as a meaningful gesture to express respect for Indigenous Peoples and their lands. Included is a resource to find out which territories your adventures take place on!

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