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What Are “Additional Notes”?

By this point you’ve written the bulk of your Adventure description, so what could possibly be left?

Well, the additional notes section is a chance for you to add anything that either hasn’t been mentioned yet or doesn’t fit into a specific section. When you get to this point, read over your Adventure and anything that is missing or doesn’t fit elsewhere can go here.

There is no limit to what you can put in this section, but some useful examples include:

  • Optional stops for food before, during, or after the Adventure
  • Notes about the weather and how that may impact the Adventure
  • Information on transportation or the meeting place
  • Notes about your flexibility for the following…
  • Meeting place
  • Transportation
  • Route 
  • Difficulty level
  • Duration 
  • Dietary restrictions
  • Equipment rental options
  • Other accommodations you offer


Even if you have all the Adventure information covered in the previous sections, you can always add in a positive message about the Adventure, your excitement to share something with Explorers, or a fun fact. Because this is the last section people see when viewing your Adventure, instead of leaving it blank you can leave a good impression in their minds by including something nice, funny, or enthusiastic.

Example 1

For a climbing Adventure:

Location of climbing area will depend on group size and where group is staying, I am flexible with meeting point if adventurers are in Banff or Lake Louise.

Example 2

For a kayaking Adventure:

During launching and landing our feet WILL get wet. Be sure to dress accordingly for the water. A limited selection of dry suits are available for rent.

Do you have questions? Do you need more detail?

Send me a message and I will get back to you quickly.

Example 3

For accommodating dietary restrictions:

Dietary requirements and allergies catered for. Please just let us know what you need.

Quick Checklist

☐ Read over your Adventure one last time
☐ Add any missing information
☐ No notes? Add a fun message

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