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How Do I Use the Calendar?

Calendar improvements are on the way for 2020. If you have feedback, contact us, we want to know what you need so when we are implementing future changes. In the meantime though, here is a guide to help you use our current calendar so you can update and manage your listings.

How Do I Create/Edit a Time Slot?

Right now, if you want to edit your bookable dates you have to go to your listings and click through the Adventure creation screens to get to the option to create a time slot. Once there, this is how you create a time slot.

1. Select the listings tab to find your Adventure listings and scroll down to listing times.

2. Select add a time slot.

3. Specify the Adventure’s duration. This is displayed at the top of the screen and is an approximation — you can iron out the timing details with your Explorers over message so don’t worry about being 100% precise. This is just to give people a rough idea of how long it takes. The maximum duration is set to 8 hours, so if your Adventure is longer or multi-day don’t worry, you can mention it in the description.

4. Choose the Adventure’s start time. Select the date you want to create the time slot for and input the meeting time. This will make it easier for Explorers to know exactly when they are expected to show up.

5. The end time is calculated using the duration, so you don’t have to input that information. 

6. Choose how often you want to repeat this time slot, by selecting: never, every day, every week, every two weeks, or every month. 

7. The repeat end lets you choose the end of your booking season. Set it to something that matches your Adventure’s “season,” unless it is year round, and the calendar will grey out the following months.

Now that you know the basics, these our some of our recommendations and tips for how to best use the calendar and keep on top of your listings. 

  • Create a time slot for every day of the week so it’s easy to get rid of a single time/day if you need to. We always recommend creating a separate time slot for every day of the week (Monday through Sunday) for any day you might want to run an Adventure. Then, for each day, you can separately indicate how often you want it to repeat. This way, if you can work Wednesday every week, but are only available on Mondays once a month, you just have to go edit or delete the time slot for that specific day instead of trying to make one time slot work for multiple days. It also gives you the flexibility to change the start time for certain days.
  • Plan ahead. The more bookable days the better — but make sure you can handle the potential workload. Work-life balance is important, and planning your schedule ahead of time will benefit both you and your Explorers, so sit down, look at your average work week, then figure out how many listings you can handle.
  • Watch out for double bookings. Each Adventure you create has its own calendar, so if you get double booked one day, you will not be notified. This is something we are working on, but in the meantime, if you have two or more Adventures listed, take a minute to check the calendars for overlap when you get a booking.
  • Turn on notifications. Make sure you never miss a booking or a message by turning on notifications — it’s important to reply to Explorers in a timely manner, plus, you don’t want to accidentally miss a potential booking!

Quick Checklist

☐ Aim for as many bookable days as possible
☐ Plan ahead
☐ Turn on notifications



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