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Which Category Does My Adventure Fit Into?

Choosing an accurate category for your Adventure will ensure the right people are viewing it, which is why you need to think carefully about what you want to categorize it as. If you aren’t sure which category your Adventures fits into, here are some tips for deciding which one to choose.

Take a look at the master list of categories, these are your options:

    1. Backcountry
    2. Biking
    3. Canoeing
    4. Climbing
    5. Fishing
    6. Hiking
    7. Kayaking
    8. Skiing
    9. Photography
    10. Snowshoeing
    11. Outdoor Skills
    12. Health & Wellness
    13. Other


Go through and flag a few categories that resemble your activity — for some, like skiing, it may be obvious, but other Adventures might fit under multiple categories.


Try to pinpoint the main focus of your Adventure and rank the categories you picked in order of relevance.


Make your decision — and hey, if after a few bookings you think your Adventure belongs in a different category, you can always go back and change it.


If your Adventure is a hike to a scenic waterfall with an outdoor photography lesson you will have to decide whether your activity fits under “photography” or “hiking”. This depends on what you want Explorers to be focused on.

  • If the hike is the main attraction and the photography lesson is an added bonus, choose the “Hiking” category.
  • If the photograph lesson is the focus and you just happen to be doing a hike, choose “Photography” as the category.

Quick Checklist

☐ Category matches your main activity

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