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How to Create an Adventure on the Yervana Website

Step 1: Click on Listings  and go to Create new listing

Step 2: Select what type of adventure you will be hosting. Advice on choosing a category can be found at

Step 3: Come up with a name for your adventure. For advice and suggestions on coming up with an outstanding name look at

Step 4: Pick the city that your adventure is in. The location must be selected from the drop down menu or you wont be able to navigate to the next screen. Remember to choose the location that the adventure takes place, not where you live. For more tips check out

Step 5: Choose the Max number of explores you want to have on each adventure and the price you will charge each Explorer. For advice on these topics look at:

Step 6: Add some photos to your adventure. A minimum of one photo must be added at this time but you can add more later. This section can make or break your adevntures so we recommend looking at the following guide to maximize your photo’s effectiveness

Quick Tip: The photos are organized in the following way, so be sure to upload your photos accordingly.

Step 7: Input the listing time fields. Useful tips on using the calender can be found at

Step 8: Set the meeting place for you adventure. A quick checklist to make sure your meeting place is acceptable is:

  • It is easily accessible
  • It is easy to find
  • There are clear directions
  • It is pinned on the map

A more indebth guide can be found at

Step 9: Complete the About The Adventure section. Please follow the guide at to ensure your adventure has an equally amazing description

Step 10: Complete the Included Section. Please follow the guide at for helpful tips.

Step 11: Complete the Not Included section. Follow the Guide at for helpful tips on filling out this section

Step 12: Fill out the Explorer Requirement Section. Use for useful tips

Step 13: Fill out the Additional Notes Section. Check out for some great suggestions on what to put in this section.

Step 14: Click publish and we will review your adventure before setting it to active on the site. Here is a quick guide on the meaning of the different statuses an adventure can have:

What is the difference between a draft, unpublished, and published Adventure?

  • Draft: uncompleted Adventures will be for you to complete and publish.
  • Unpublished:Adventures that are not live for Explorers to browse. You may re-publish these Adventures at any time. Typically, these may be seasonal listings or Adventures you have previously offered but are not offering at this time.
  • Published: live Adventures that Explorers can browse and book.

Quick Tip: You can click on the Pencil to edit any of your adventures.

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