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Adventure Creation + Calendar Management

Quickly setup your adventures and dates with a few clicks.

Updated: May 2021

We’ve launched a brand new adventure creation design as well as an improved way to view your dates and bookings!

What’s new:

  1. New adventure creation interface to make data inputting seamless and fast.
  2. Save adventure drafts at every step of the creation process so you never lose any of your inputted data.
  3. Ability to view, edit, adjust and delete adventure dates from a dashboard calendar view.
  4. Quickly add new adventure dates from your home calendar screen with just a couple clicks.
  5. Know the status of your adventures in the calendar. Distinguish adventures between drafts, pending and published adventures with filters and colour coding.
  6. Preview for your adventure with our new layout.

NEW: Adventure Creation

We’ve redesigned the adventure creation flow to make it easier for you to add your adventure details. You can now save your adventure draft at every step of the flow and come back later to finish your draft at any time.

The listing page, allows you to edit, duplicate, unpublish, delete and view your live adventure all in one place!

NEW: Calendar Management & Time slot Creation

You can now view all your time slots in one calendar and filter which ones are published vs in draft mode.

Time slots can be added on the fly from the home page with one click to the add slot button on the top right of the calendar.

Need to adjust your schedule? No problem, you can click events in the calendar and edit or delete them at any time.

How to create an Adventure listing:

Step 1: Click on Listings  and go to Create new listing

Step 2: Select the type of adventure you will be hosting. Advice on choosing a category can be found here.

Step 3: Name your adventure. Find advice on how to title your adventures so that stand out here.

Step 4: Select the city that your adventure takes place in. Read more on this if you need extra guidance.

Step 5: Choose the maximum number of explorers you want to have on each adventure and set your pricing For advice on these topics take a look at:

Step 6: Add photos to your adventure. A minimum of 4 photo should be added to show off what Explorers can expect from your Adventure. High quality photos are important for establishing yourself as a trusted Local.

Read more on selecting the best photos to help sell your Adventure

Step 7: Input the listing time fields.

Step 8: Set the meeting place for you adventure. A quick checklist to make sure your meeting place is acceptable is:

  • It is easily accessible
  • It is easy to find
  • There are clear directions
  • It is pinned on the map

Step 10: Click publish! Yervana’s team will review your adventure before setting it to active on the site.

What is the difference between a draft, unpublished, and published Adventure?

  • Draft: incomplete Adventures that are only visible to you. Once complete, be sure to ‘publish’ to send for approval.
  • Pending Review: Adventures you have published, which are still waiting to be approved by our team. These Adventures are not yet visible to the public and cannot be booked.
  • Published: live Adventures that Explorers can browse and book.
  • Unpublished: Adventures that are not live for Explorers to browse. You may re-publish these Adventures at any time. Typically, these may be seasonal listings or Adventures you have previously offered but are not offering at this time.
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