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Explorer Requirements — What to tell Explorers?

Some Adventures may require Explorers to have certain skills, a minimum fitness level, or pre-existing knowledge of an activity in order to participate. If this is the case with your Adventure, you can make these specifications so your Explorers know exactly what’s in store and can decide whether your Adventure is the right choice for them.

Pre-Existing Skills

If your Adventure is designed for those with intermediate to advanced skills, say so — you don’t want a group of confused beginners on your hands. This is especially important for activities like rock-climbing, mountain biking, or others that involve knowing how to operate equipment.


For simplicity, use the words like “beginner, intermediate, and expert” to describe the level of skill required. This gives people a good idea of where they fit in, without you having to give a long winded description.

Minimum Fitness Level

Some Adventures will be more physically taxing than others, so you need to take stock of how strenuous yours is, and describe the fitness level necessary to enjoy the activity. If you know your Adventure involves hiking 10km up a very steep mountain, mention that participants must be able to hike 10km uphill. This doesn’t have to be crazy in-depth — just give Explorers an idea of what fitness level the Adventure suits.


For simplicity, use the words “low, good, medium, and high” to describe the level of fitness required. Low refers to someone who is generally inactive, good refers to someone exercises at least semi-regularly, medium refers to someone who is quite active, and high refers to someone with very strong fitness levels.

Minimum Age

Some Adventures may not be suited for children under a certain age. Use your judgement here, you know your Adventure best.


Even though you may have skill, fitness, or age requirements, if you are willing to rework your Adventure to accomodate all skill levels, then be sure to say so. Perhaps you’re willing to take children slightly under the minimum age, or can tailor an “Expert” biking Adventure to work for beginners and intermediates. This flexibility allows you to entice Explorers of all fitnesses, ages, and skill levels to come on your Adventure!


Explorer Requirements: Canyoning Adventure

  • Must be 18 years or older unless accompanied by an adult
  • Must be able to swim
  • Skill: beginner
  • Fitness level: good
  • Must weigh more than 40kg

Quick Checklist

☐ Minimum skill level
☐ Minimum fitness level
☐ Minimum age
☐ Your own flexibility, if applicable

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