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Choosing a City

When it’s time to choose which city you want your Adventure to fall under it’s important to pick one that is most relevant to where the Adventure takes place — not where you live. Because this is specifically for the Adventure, it’s important to make sure it is accurate so people searching for Adventures are able to find what they’re looking for. 

The process is simple, simply type your Adventure’s location into google maps, and select the best option. Sometimes, it’s that simple, but depending on where your Adventure takes place you might have to take a second to think about what region you want your Adventure to fall under.

Scope out the options

Start by typing in the name of the nearest city or region, and see what comes up. Read a couple of the options. For example, when you type in “Vancouver” you’ll see several different options such as West Vancouver, North Vancouver, as well as Vancouver. Chances are, you’ll see an option that roughly (or exactly) fits your Adventure’s location.

Stuck in limbo?

If you didn’t find a suitable location tag, try broadening your search. If you started by searching for “Cypress” with no luck, try “West Vancouver”. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to let Explorers know where they will be for the day. 


This location refers to where the Adventure takes place, NOT the pick-up point or meeting place. See our guide on how to choose a meeting place for information on how to communicate that information to Explorers.

Quick Checklist

The location is where the Adventure takes place

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