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What Should I Include in my Adventure?

In the “Included” section of your Adventure, make sure to cover the key areas of Equipment, Food & Drink, Transport, Accommodation, and Additional Services. Including extra perks and amenities in your Adventure can help take it to the next level, and adds value to the experience. The less planning your Explorers have to do, the more likely they are to book with you. Here are some things you can choose to include to make their lives easier and make your Adventure more valuable and desirable!


Including equipment eliminates a lot of hassle for Explorers, especially for activities requiring very specific equipment, like kayaking and rock climbing. Many people won’t know where to rent or find this equipment and that alone could be a dealbreaker for them.

Recommended Equipment to include:

  • Speciality & safety equipment for the Adventure
  • Group First Aid
  • Binoculars
  • Foam seating pads

Unable to Provide Equipment?

If you can’t provide equipment yourself, we suggest you either provide resources to help Explorers acquire it themselves, or offer to rent equipment for them for an extra fee. If you adjust your prices on as-needed basis for Explorers unable to rent it themselves, they can rest assured their equipment needs are in good hands.

Food & Drinks:

If you are struggling to make your Adventure unique from others, an easy way to do this is by offering to provide food along the way. Turning a basic hike into a mountain top picnic is easy and adds value to your Adventure, plus then you won’t encounter any hangry Explorers! Pack a picnic or stop by one of your favourite local

Always ask for Explorers to reach out to you with any dietary restrictions they may have.

If you are able to, it’s a good idea to bring along extra water so you don’t end up with any dehydrated Explorers.


If possible, tie your food to the Adventure for added authenticity. Is there a local source of quality fruit and veggies? Muffins from your favourite coffee shop for the trail? Can you offer elk jerky, smoked salmon, or other regional specialties to Explorers? The more you can link your food to the area, your Adventure, or a story, the more it adds to the experience.


Transportation can be a roadblock for some Explorers. Similar to providing equipment, offering your Explorers a mode of transportation eliminates even more of their planning. If they know you’re able to get them to and from your adventure — and to any extra stops along the way — then they’re one step closer to booking! If you decide to offer transport, make sure to be clear about where you can pick up and drop people off and how many people you can transport.

Unable to provide Transportation?

If you can’t provide transportation, you can still make your Explorers lives a little bit easier by providing resources like bus schedules or other transit options. You can also offer to help them plan their route if they are struggling. This sort of assistance is not only helpful, but also shows dedication to your Explorers.


You may get Explorers coming in from ferries, airports, or bus stations, in which case, you can offer a pickup service for an additional fee.


If you have a multi-day Adventure then you’ll have to address accommodation. This involves giving an accurate description of where you will be staying, for how many nights, and whether it is already included in your Adventure price. Explorers thinking about going on a multi-day trip will want more information than a day-long Adventure, so make sure you give them the information they need.

Additional Services:

There are some other options and items you can include in your Adventure. Some examples are including any park or parking fees, arranging for extra stops on request, and helping Explorers get their rentals. Anything along these lines can be mentioned here.



  • Helmet
  • Harness
  • Rock shoes
  • Chalk bags
  • All safety equipment needed


  • Light snacks (please advise of any allergies or dietary restrictions and I will do my best to accommodate.)


  • Pick-up and drop-off from the climbing centre on the west end of town.


  • On the way home, we can stop by my favourite local diner for some of the best sandwiches around.

Quick Checklist

☐ Equipment, or provide information on where to get it
☐ Extra water and light snacks at the very least
☐ Transit, or offer to help plan their routes
☐ Include options and items to make Explorers lives as easy as possible

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