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Meeting Places — How to Choose a Location?

When you create your Adventure you have to decide where you want Explorers to meet you. This involves all sorts of questions, all of which are specific to your Adventure and what you can offer Explorers. To set the meeting place all you do is pin it on the map, but you can make life easier for your Explorers by also mentioning this information in the Adventure Description

When picking your meeting place, ask yourself…

Is your Adventure remote or accessible? – If your Adventure takes place in a remote area with no cell reception, it might be wise to meet guests at a more central location where they are able to contact you if they get lost or run into difficulties. On the other hand, if your Adventure has a trailhead with a parking lot, that might make the best meeting place.

How can people get to the meeting spot? – Some Explorers may own or rent vehicles, others may not. This will impact their ability to get to your meeting spot, so ensure there are reliable ways to get there. If you plan your meeting spot in conjunction with bus routes or other public transportation it’ll make it easier and simpler to get to. 

Are transit resources available? – Guide your Explorers by offering them resources on the local transportation so they can get around. Bus schedules can be confusing when you’re in a different city so point them to the best options. As a Local you know your area best, so offering directions and tips on which routes to take, shows professionalism and care. 

Is it obvious? – You want your meeting spot to be easily recognizable so pick something visible or provide an exact address. You don’t want Explorers showing up to the wrong spot, or being unable to find you!

Are there clear directions? –  For Locals and out-of-towners alike it’s confusing navigating a new area. Whether you’re meeting in a public parking lot, a coffee shop, or at a trail head, make sure you give detailed, clear directions to the meeting spot. 

Is the meeting spot flexible? – Although different Explorers will have different needs and wants, you don’t have to offer different meeting spots. However, you can always offer Explorers another option if you’re able to drive people yourself, or arrange a group meet up where you all travel there together via transit, bike, or other modes of transport. 

Any other details? – If there’s pay parking, limited parking, seasonal changes, or other important variables mention them so people know what to expect when they arrive. 

Is it pinned on the map? – After you’ve decided where you want to meet, the last step is to pin it on the map. Take extra care to make sure you’ve got the right place — otherwise you’ll have a lot of confused Explorers on your hands


Make your meeting spot more engaging by connecting it to the Adventure itself. Have a favourite coffee place? Meet there to charge up before a lengthy hike. This is by no means necessary, but can help add a personal feel to your Adventure by sharing that slice of Local life with Explorers


(in the Adventure description)
We will meet in the Le fournil Bakery in Canmore at 8:00am. You can grab some delicious local snacks and coffee as we go over our itinerary. From there we can either carpool to the trailhead or follow me in my car. There’s shuttles running from Calgary and Banff to Canmore semi-regularly. Let me know if you need help figuring out transit.

Quick Checklist

☐ It is easily accessible
☐ It is easy to find
☐ There are clear directions
☐ It is pinned on the map


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