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How Should I Name My Adventure?

Your Adventure title is the first thing people see when they browse the homepage. To help, we’ve put together some tips and tricks for naming your Adventure so it stands out.

When writing your title DO:

  • Highlight your main activity. If you are going kayaking, make sure it is obvious from the title. For this reason, Yervana recommends including an action verb in your title.
  • Highlight what is unique about your Adventure. If you want people to click on your Adventure, you have to let them know what sets it apart at a glance – and there is no better way to do this than to mention that special something in your title.
  • Highlight where it takes place. Location can be a great addition to your title! People like to know where they’re going, and if you’ll be visiting an iconic location or a breathtaking view, this could add that extra something to your title.
  • Keep it short and snappy. There is a 50 character limit. Try to describe your activity in as few words as possible.
  • Capitalize your title. The first letter of every word in your Adventure title should be capitalized. It Just Looks Better This Way.

When writing your title DO NOT:

  • Add unnecessary details. There is plenty of room to get to the small stuff when you write your Adventure Description. Your title shouldn’t have any extra fluff, just the bare bones of: what activity you’ll be doing, what makes it unique or exciting, and where you’ll be doing it.
  • Go over-length. Short but sweet, that’s the saying we live by for naming Adventures. If you read your Adventure title out loud and it’s a bit of a mouthful, think of a way to eliminate one or two words.


If you’re having trouble naming your Adventure, try out this format.

[action verb] + [location] + [unique factor] = instant Adventure title!

Example 1: Sunset Sail Under Lionsgate Bridge

Sailing is the verb, Lionsgate Bridge is the location, and sunset adds that “extra something”.

You can put these three puzzle pieces in any order that makes sense to create your own title that touches on all three of our recommendations.

Example 2: Foraging the Sunshine Coast

Example 3: The Temple of Time — A Secret Old Growth Forest

Quick Checklist

☐ Under 50 characters
☐ Highlights main activity
☐ Mentions why it’s unique
☐ Mentions location
☐ Capitalize the first letter of each word

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