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Covid-19 Resources

Our Message to Locals:

As professional guides in your respective fields, we at Yervana believe that you, the Local, are in the best position to evaluate a Covid-19 risk management strategy that is suitable to your trips, region, and activity. However, we also understand that this is a time of great uncertainty and rapid change in our industry, which led us to develop this page as a resource to help guide you through this challenging environment that all of us in the outdoor industry are facing.

These resources are meant to serve as a starting point, outlining what questions you might be asking yourself when putting together a Covid-19 strategy, and supplying some of the resources to help get you there.

Keep in mind that these resources and considerations may be subject to changes depending on the jurisdiction in which you operate, nature of your trip, and industry best practices for your discipline.

Covid-19 Considerations & Checklist

Use this guide as a framework for thinking through the structure of your adventures and how they operate during the pandemic.

Communicating Covid Measures

Explorers want to know how you are handling safety during this time. Find tips on how to clearly communicate your new procedures within your Adventure and profile on Yervana.

Further Resources

Find the latest government and provincial advice, along with industry resources to help set up practical steps relevant for your adventure type.


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