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Communicating Covid Measures

Adventure Description on Yervana

Explorers want to understand what implications Covid-19 might have for their adventure, and ultimately, how it is going to affect their experience.

Recent studies found that 75% of Canadians are looking for clear communication of protection measures as a top factor when thinking about future travel experiences (Leger, 2020).

Work Covid-19 protocols into your Adventure Description:


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Do your best to illustrate when/where PPE (masks, sanitizer, etc.) will be used, and how much social distancing strategies can be used on trips.

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The ‘Additional notes’ section is a good place to outline what procedures you have implemented and any Covid-19 information.

Do your best to understand who will be viewing your trip and speak to their values as much as you can. (The expectations of this communication will be different depending on the demographic you are trying to reach).

Information & Communication = Trust & Focus on Experience.


Local Profile on Yervana

When choosing their adventure on Yervana, many Explorers visit your Local profile in addition to the adventure they might be interested in. For Explorers, trust is one of the biggest selling points on our platform that will determine whether they want to buy your trip or look elsewhere.

Work Covid-19 Safety into your Local Profile:

Include a statement about Covid-19 and how you are making safety a priority. This will help put explorers at ease and allow for them to focus more on the adventure you are trying to sell.

The clearer you can make this messaging as a Local for Explorers who have interest in you, the better. Remember, your profile is a starting point for you to establish trust with your potential guests.

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