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Covid-19 Considerations Checklist

Implications for your trip plan and risk management will look different depending on the recommendations of your governments and industry leaders.

Some of the key questions highlighted by both government and industry organizations have been outlined below for your reference.

These considerations are meant to serve as a starting point and further research is be required. Links have been provided here for your reference.


Marketing & Communications

  • What am I doing to market myself as a Local who is Covid-19 aware?
    • Updating adventure description
    • Updating Local profile
    • Covid-19 specific marketing
  • Have I updated my Adventure description to communicate my Covid-19 protocols?
  • Have I updated my profile to reflect that Covid-19 safety is a high priority for me as a Local?
  • How are potential explorers made aware of my strategy to limit their exposure?
    • Pre-trip communication
    • On-trip communication
    • Post-trip communication
  • Do my images reflect the nature of my Adventures during Covid-19?
    • Participants wearing masks where necessary
    • Socially distant during the activity
  • Have I adjusted my pre-trip communication?
    • Informing guests about the precautions they can expect
    • Asking to sign a new waiver
  • How can I improve post-trip communication?
    • Feedback from all guests to determine how to modify best practices
    • Revise plan as necessary


Trip Plan & Logistics

  • How do my trip logistics account for Covid-19?
    • Transportation needs
    • Additional resources
    • Group sizes
    • Group travel
  • How does my Adventure manage potential exposure to the virus?
  • Have I implemented recommendations from my local/provincial government(s)?
  • Have I implemented recommendations from my industry leaders?
  • How do these guidelines align with the Adventure I am planning?
  • Have I considered transportation to and from the Adventure?
    • People should arrive by themselves or with residents of the same household


Risk Management

  • Have I completed my Covid-19 risk assessment?
    • What Covid-19 risks are inherent to my trip? Why?
    • What Covid-19 risks are being mitigated on my trip? Why? How?
    • What Covid-19 risks are being accepted on my trip? Why? How?
  • Do I have a plan to maintain group hygiene?
    • E.g. Carrying & distributing hand sanitizer
  • Have I updated my first aid kit to include additional PPE?
    • E.g. Carrying extra masks and gloves
  • How am I ensuring any gear is sanitized between trips?
    • E.g. Wiping down gear or going without use for 3 days
  • Have I identified Covid-19 related workplace risks?
    • Where do people congregate?
    • What tasks require close proximity?
    • What tools and equipment do people use?
    • What surfaces will be touched often and shared?


CHECKLIST: What risk management strategies have I implemented?

  • Who is provided with the plans?
  • Where can a copy be found?
  • How can I distribute it electronically?
  • Where do people look for changes?
  • Hand washing information (how and when?)
  • Physical Distancing information (how and when?)
  • What happens when someone’s sick?
  • What happens when someone’s exposed?
  • Occupancy limits
  • Disinfecting PPE (how and when?)
  • Travel related information
  • Mask use
  • What happens if mask use cannot be done?
  • What happens with meals or eating?
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