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Requirements to Be a Local

Becoming a Yervana Local is straightforward as long as you have met the following requirements!

An Individual Local*

A Local Pro**

  • Minimum 20 hours Wilderness First Aid
  • Certification for the activity(s) offered
    • Ex. ACMG (or equivalent) to offer backcountry touring
  • Minimum 20 hours Wilderness First Aid
  • Holds certifications for the activity(s) offered 
  • $2 million or greater of own Insurance Coverage
  • Holds own permits for areas Adventures are offered

*Individual Locals can (usually) obtain insurance through Yervana. They can also operate under Yervana-held permits.
**Local Pros can also be part of a small business.

Fee Structure

For individual locals, we charge an Adventure fee of 25% on all completed bookings. For small businesses and PROs, the Adventure fee is only 15%.

For Locals who don’t have their own insurance, we’ve got you covered. In most cases we can list you on our insurance policy that covers you for front country activities. To get listed there is a $250 administrative fee that is charged annually.

Whether you’re an individual looking to make extra cash on your passion or you’re a small business in need of exposure, we’ve got you covered. Make sure you contact us with any questions you may have!

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