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Our Expertise and Quality Standards

Yervana Locals aren’t your average guides — Locals are individuals who can offer something unique and intimate, and deliver it with a personal touch that sets them apart from the rest. 

We designed our expertise and quality standards so that Locals and their Adventures will be authentic and stand out from mainstream guided tours and experiences.

To get everyone on the same page, we’ve broken our standards down into three categories: Qualifications, Local Knowledge, and Connection.


Having proper qualifications and relevant experience sets the foundation for being a Yervana Local. The outdoors is a wondrous but unpredictable place, and in order to ensure the safety of Explorers there are certain qualifications and certificates you must have in order to register with us. 

“Qualifications” doesn’t just refer to certificates though — any number of skill-sets can make you qualified to run a particular Adventure. For example, if you are running a kayaking Adventure, it’s expected that you have adequate experience in kayaking, guiding, or instructing. You must also demonstrate the understanding and expertise necessary to provide a unique experience — not just your run-of-the-mill tour.

Your qualifications tie into Local Knowledge and Connection; they are part of what makes you qualified to craft an experience that will leave guests feeling like they saw and did something special. 

Local Knowledge

What sets you apart from most guides will be your Local Knowledge, in other words, your ability to show or tell Explorers something unique about the area or activity. Insider tips, fun facts, historical knowledge, and other tidbits are a huge part of what you offer. Your personal experience in an area or with an activity is a huge asset because it means you can offer intelligent commentary on topics Explorer’s may be interested in. Your own stories from the great outdoors will stimulate the conversation and keep people wanting more!


Connecting with your guests is what will truly complete the experience and accentuate the exciting Adventure you have crafted for them. In your endeavors to connect guests with nature, you will also be forging connections with them. Think of it as less of a “tour guide – guest” relationship, and more of a “friend to friend” interaction. While you are still there to keep them safe and facilitate a good time, part of that lies in stimulating conversation, having an approachable air, and a willingness to explain, teach, and share. At the end of the day, it is your personal connection that will bring the Adventure to life.

Some other standards we expect Locals to adhere to are as follows:

Adventure Quality and Accuracy:

When creating Adventures it is important to follow the guidelines laid out for how to create and convey your Adventures to Explorers. As well as creating a high quality, interesting Adventure, you will also have to communicate very clearly what the activity is, what’s included, where it takes place, and many other details. We have plenty of resources to help with this, and are happy to answer any clarifying questions.

Commitment to Your Bookings:

Honour all booked Adventures. We understand the difficulty when the break-even cost isn’t met, so if not enough people book your Adventure contact us and we will do our best to help fill the empty spots so the Adventure can go on!

If you have the qualifications, local knowledge, and capacity to connect with others and nature, you are well on your way to being a Yervana Local. Apply now and get started!

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