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How Do I Add Certifications?

When it comes to your certifications, one of the most important things (aside from actually having them), is to accurately communicate those certifications to Explorers. When you add certifications to your profile it helps Explorers feel confident in their choice to go on an Adventure with you, so make sure you do it correctly!

How to Add Certifications:

1. Go to your profile and select “edit profile.”

2. Select “certificates.”

3. Upload photos of the front and back of the certificate. Make sure the photos are in focus so we can read the certificate.

4. Add the certificate name. Please type out the full name of the certificate — Explorers won’t know abbreviations like “WFA”. It’s important for people browsing your profile to be able to view these qualifications and understand what they mean.

5. Add the certificate number. Although this is technically optional, we highly encourage you to add your certificate number. It makes it easier for us to verify you.

6. Add the expiry date. This is another optional (but encouraged) step. We appreciate when you take the time to input this — it makes our lives easier.


Only upload relevant certificates — Explorers don’t need to know who has a university degree, they’re concerned with the outdoorsy qualifications. Certifications like Wilderness First Aid, instructor certifications, and others relating to your Adventure or the outdoors are what should be uploaded here.

Remember, these certifications are for the benefit of Explorers — we still need you to email us all your certifications separately. 

If at any point you need to edit or remove a certification please contact us for assistance and we will help you make the necessary changes. 

Get started here.

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