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How to Create an Account on the Yervana Website

How to Switch to Local on the Yervana Website

Step 1: Now that you have created and signed into your explorer account, Next steps are to configure your local profile. Start by clicking the profile icon.

Step 2: Click on switch to local to begin creating your local profile

Step 3: Change your profile picture. We recommend following the information at

Step 4: Fill in the information. Your About Me information is particularly important and we recommend following the guidelines at to write an excellent bio.

Step 5: Add all the languages that you can speak. Language can be a differentiator and connect a local with explorers who speak English as a second language.

Step 6: Add all your certifications. Certificates show on your profile and help build trust between you and Locals. For help on adding certificates check out

Step 7: After your profile has been filled out, click on Complete Set Up to move to the next page

Step 8: Next you will set up the payout information. All payments are handled through Stripe who uses the following information to pay you the money you earned by leading adventures.

Tip: You can click on the blue “i” beside Bank Account to see where the required information is located on a cheque.

Step 9: After completeing the Set Up Payout page, you have successfully completed your local profile setup. You can now continue with the process of creating an adventure found here:

Or you can click Save and Complete Later if you want to create your adventure another time.

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