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How Do You Write Your “About Me”?

The “About Me” section of your profile is where Explorers will turn to for information on your qualifications, relevant experience, and personal attributes. With this in mind, when you sit down to write your About Me section of your profile, you should focus on these 2 main areas.

  • Your professional experience
  • Your personal experience

If you can connect your profile back to these two points, then you’ll be able to show Explorers that you have the experience and personality to take them on a great Adventure!

Professional Experience:

  • Highlight any/all qualifications/certificates: Doing this lets Explorers know that you have the qualifications to teach them new skills, show them new areas, and cultivate a fun, safe experience. Some certifications are required to become a Yervana Local, so make sure you have included them! [add hyperlink to more info on certifications]
  • Give details: Don’t just list your qualifications, explain them a bit! If you spent a season as a ski guide, mention where, the type of skiing you were doing. Locals are cool individuals with multifaceted personalities and experiences. 


Professional qualifications don’t all have to be outdoor specific. If you’ve worked in the hospitality industry and picked up useful guest-relation skills, you can also add that. You aren’t just marketing yourself as a guide, you’re marketing yourself as a Local, which means including any skills/interests that may add to the guest experience. 

Personal Experience:

  • Passion: Passion is what sets our Locals apart from big tour companies and other guiding companies. Your authenticity is part of what makes you a great Yervana Local, so mention why you are passionate about what you do!
  • Lifelong connection: If you have a long-term connection to an area or an activity, highlight this in your “About Me”. Growing up near the mountains, or learning to sail from a young age are both examples of personal connections that are of value to Explorers. 
  • Knowledge: Information is another thing you offer Explorers, so be sure to mention any interesting areas you are knowledgeable about. If you’ve grown up in a region, chances are you’ll have lots of information about the local area, the wildlife, the city, or the wilderness, so this is worth mentioning. 
  • Interests: Even though you may only be hosting one Adventure, it’s still nice to mention some of your interests in your “About Me”. If you enjoy lots of outdoor activities, mention them — it helps give Explorers a well-rounded image of you. 

Our Recommendations:

Lead with your qualifications Let Explorers know they’re in good hands by stating your certifications and qualifications. One or two sentences is perfect.

Elaborate Follow up your qualifications with some extra details. Where did you work these jobs or get certified? How long have you been doing guide-like activities? 

Get personal Now, you can transition to more personal information, like your connection to the area, knowledge, and passions. You can write as much or as little as you’d like, keeping in mind that what makes our Locals so special is your personal connection to the outdoors and the activities you host.

When Explorers go on an Adventure, they rely on the expertise, experience, and responsibility of Locals. By making an awesome bio that gives Explorers a taste of who you are, you can communicate to them that you’re reliable, experienced, safe, and also a lot of fun!


My name is Hahn, I am originally from the foothills of the Rocky Mountains but have traveled the globe and landed here in the beautiful Okanagan. My passion is to help folks connect and embrace the human nature relationship through awesome wilderness experiences. As a professional, I take risk management and safety very seriously and believe in proactive approach to adventures whilst being prepared for anything.

I am a certified Apprentice Hiking and Backpacking Guide through the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, a full expedition-trained instructor with the National Outdoor Leadership School, where I have lead many 30+ day expeditions in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and Alaska’s Wrangell St. Elias range. I have also guided Whitewater Kayaking and Canoeing trips in Canada and South Korea. I am a Master LNT Educator, a former Parks Canada Interpretation Officer, and have spent much of my career developing and guiding outdoor experiential programs for youth developing wilderness skills and transferable life skills obtained from outdoor expedition environments.

I hold a Masters Degree in Outdoor Education/Scandinavian Friluftsliv. I completed this in Norway and spent time ice climbing and xc ski touring in the mountainous landscapes, and traveled extensively through Europe, Central America, SE Asia, Africa, and Alaska/Pacific Northwest. I hope my years working in travel and tourism can support your Yervana experience to be fun and enjoyable for you!

(227 words)


I’m proud to have lived in this beautiful area for the past 32 years and have been actively exploring the trails of Vancouver Island for over 15 years. I have been running my own business as a hiking guide (The Natural Connection) for the past four years and love to share my favourite trails with guests from around the world.

Your enjoyment and safety are my number one concerns. With nearly 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry and five years as a Deckhand with the Coast Guard, you’re certain to enjoy some sparkling bartender-style conversation through the day while knowing you’re in safe hands.

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