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July 2022

Request to Book Feature

Locals can now take bookings on a request basis rather than taking instant bookings. This feature gives Locals 48 hours to accept or reject booking requests. The article identifies how to set up time slots on a Request to Book basis and provides a walk-through of accepting and rejecting requests.s.

We’re excited to introduce our Locals to the new Request to Book feature! This feature allows Locals to take bookings on a request basis rather than on an instant booking basis. When an explorer requests a booking with you, you will have 48 hours to respond to the request. If you do not address the request within 48 hours, the request will expire and the booking will be lost. You can either accept the request or reject the request and chat with the explorer to choose a new date to move their booking to.

There are two ways to activate the Request to Book function.

To activate Request to Book on time slots you’ve already created:
From your Local Dashboard, click on a timeslot in your calendar, select the edit symbol and turn on the Request to Book button.
To create new timeslots with the Request to Book Function:
In the Time step (step #5) of Adventure Creation, you can turn on the Request to Book toggle and add new time slots.
You have the option to set all of your timeslots up on Request to Book, or keep some as instant bookings. It’s up to you.
Your booking confirmation email will clearly state that you’ve received a booking request and provide you with instructions on how to proceed.
In your Local Dashboard, you will see the Booking Request next to your calendar.
If you need to reject the booking, a popup will prompt you to message the explorer, with a pre-existing message template that relates to your adventure. You have the option to edit the message.
If you have any questions about the Request to Book Function, please reach out to the Support Team at or give us a call at 1-855-403-8808.
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