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The North Shore mountains to climbing in Nepal: Ryan Village

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Ryan Village has worked as a tour guide for a Vancouver sightseeing company, a zipline guide, and a ski instructor. He has a diploma in Outdoor Recreation Management, and is a Yervana Local. Ryan is from North Vancouver.

By Ryan Village

Growing up on the North Shore, it took me a long time to truly appreciate the beauty of my own backyard and how lucky I was to have it at my fingertips. Nowadays, being outside is where I truly feel most at home. Breathing in the cool air of a forest or looking out at a sea of jagged mountain peaks allows me to completely recharge my batteries.

Discovering the outdoors

I remember the first time my dad took me on a hike in our local mountains. We slowly trudged to the top of Pump Peak on Mount Seymour on a beautiful afternoon, and as I gazed upon the steep valleys and rugged ridges that careen downhill to meet the city of North Vancouver, it unlocked an obsession that has stayed with me ever since, which burns brighter every year.

As if with a flick of a switch, I wanted to be outside constantly. My friends and I would spend hours bushwhacking through dense groves of forest, searching for nothing in particular while having the time of our lives. I found small boulders that I could climb close to my childhood home, so I would drag out an old mattress, place it under the boulder and spend hours making routes and different variations. It didn’t matter whether I was hiking, rock climbing, running, kayaking, skiing or cliff jumping, I just had to be outside.

The highest mountains

I became obsessed with mountaineering books and loved reading about incredible climbing feats that were accomplished on the highest mountains in the Himalayas. I knew I had to go see these incredible mountains for myself.

Right after high school, a friend and I set off for Nepal and hiked up to Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Ri. Upon our arrival back to the North Shore, I wanted to turn my passion into a profession, and completed a Diploma in Outdoor Recreation Management. Now, I can share that passion through Yervana, as a Local. I love sharing my knowledge of Vancouver’s environment and history with others and leading new people hiking on my favourite trails, like the stunning views of Tunnel Bluffs and The Flint and Feather.

Ryan is one semester away from a Bachelors Degree in Tourism Management and is currently attempting to climb or hike as many of the North Shore’s 80 peaks this summer as part of what’s known as ‘The Bagger Challenge.’ Discover more about Ryan, and watch for his Adventures on Yervana.


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