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Introducing Yervana’s Innovative Data Platform: YervAnalytics

On the forefront, Yervana is a Canadian adventure marketplace that connects people who want to explore with certified individuals and local businesses who can lead them on unique local adventures. Through the Yervana iOS app or website, users can search, discover, and book unique outdoor adventures from start to finish. 

Now, Yervana is launching a new data platform specifically tailored to supporting Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs). This new offering will provide real time data insights on customer journeys in their region from marketing to booking. 

Here’s how YervAnalytics, Yervana’s innovative data platform, can help DMO’s market their members with real time data analytics and collaborative marketing efforts.

What are real time analytics?

The two types of analytic data processing are batch-style, you can think of this as “after the fact insights” and real time analytics. 

Most businesses work off of batch style analytics since that is what is available through most social platforms. For these analytical reports, data is processed in batches hours, days, or even a month from the initial action taking place.

Whereas real time analytics is data that is processed right in the moment it takes place. Real time analytics allow businesses to gain insights and draw conclusions immediately after an action takes place.

Yervana’s innovative data platform

YervAnalytics brings together data from multiple platforms to provide a comprehensive overview, all in real time. With the additional benefit of having the ability to take bookings on the Yervana website, the data platform can follow the end to end customer journey, from marketing to booking. 

“During COVID, we used our downtime to solve some internal challenges around understanding our data. Through conversations with DMOs since then, we realized that having the ability to consolidate marketing and customer data across multiple platforms, and calculate an accurate return on investment (ROI), was not a problem unique to Yervana. In solving this issue internally, we now have the ability to solve significant challenges for the wider tourism industry and DMOs. We are excited to share these learnings and our ability to follow the money from marketing through to booking, and provide DMOs with an understanding of their marketing spend across their local tour and experience operators.” – Jim McGovern, Yervana CEO

What are the benefits of YervAnalytics?

With today’s fast growing digital landscape, having real time analytics is crucial. Here are a few benefits to a customized DMO dashboard on Yervana’s data platform.

  1. Understand your customers journey from marketing to booking
    The Yervana proprietary DMO portal allows your team to see the latest time-sensitive customer data from marketing to booking across multiple platforms. Your team can use these insights to identify customer pain points, improve targeting, and optimize marketing spend. With these insights, DMOs can influence the customer journey to increase bookings for local businesses.
  2. Maximize your marketing efficiency
    With real time analytics, DMO’s can maximize the money being spent on marketing by each channel and audience through watching trends as they are taking place rather than after the fact. Yervana is currently using these insights to beat industry benchmarks by 2-3x!
  3.  The ability to monitor a/b testing in real time
    As DMOs embark on the challenge of helping tourism businesses reopen and recover in today’s unpredictable market, viewing real time A/B testing results can help to optimize marketing efforts and forecast with confidence.
  4. Consolidation of data across regions
    As DMOs support local operators with marketing and other incentive programs, Yervana consolidates all data incentives across a region allowing DMOs to see how their area is performing as well as all members within. This allows DMOs to analyze their region over multiple campaigns and multiple operators. 

Collaboration is key

By working collaboratively with other DMOs, YervAnalytics can benchmarks data to equip you with real-time trend reporting and insights on top performing tours and experiences in similar destinations. As well as aggregated results of return on investment rates at the top, middle, and end of the funnel.

Get in contact for a demo

If you’re a DMO and are interested in learning more about how Yervana can provide your organization with a customized real time data dashboard, get in contact with us for a demo.

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