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Sparking discovery, passion and connection by changing the way we experience the outdoors.

What is Yervana?

Yervana is an app and web-based platform connecting adventure-seekers with locals who live for the outdoors–so you can spend less time researching what to do, and more time outside doing what you love.

When you download the iOS app or join our community through the Yervana website, you’re instantly connected to tons of Adventures led by knowledgeable local hosts, ready to share their passion for the great outdoors with you.

Launched in Vancouver BC in 2018, Yervana was designed to reflect the west coast outdoors lifestyle. We’re a growing community of adventure-seekers, outdoor enthusiasts, wanderers and explorers. Instead of scouring websites for ideas or going through a hotel or tour guiding company, you can connect directly to the best local outdoor activities, trails and hidden local gems using Yervana. Search, discover booking and pay for one-on-one or small-group outdoor adventure activities with locals, directly from your mobile device or laptop.

To explore our Adventures, create an account and book today! Yervana features hiking, biking, trail running, snowshoeing, kayaking, backcountry skiing, rock climbing and more!

Do you have Adventures you’d like to share? Become a Local! Once you have signed up as an Explorer, it’s easy to build your Yervana Local profile and start sharing your favourite Local Adventures.

We know the beaten path, now try the path that beats it.

Our Mission

To offer a wide range of outdoor adventures through easy to access technology. Inspiring people to interact and share their passion for the outdoors, while creating a global community founded on trust and knowledge.

Three hikers on a rock overlooking a bay on an outdoor adventure

Core Values

Trust: We aim to provide an ethical, safe and supportive community and service, founded on trust.

Passion and Fun: We encourage curiosity and playful discovery by promoting an active lifestyle, outdoor exploration and embracing an optimistic worldview.

Sharing: We believe fundamentally in connecting open-minded people, enabling them to exchange ideas and skills, sharing expertise, knowledge and memories.

Community: We are part of a greater global community of explorers and locals, providing a platform for people leading an active lifestyle that value collaboration, acceptance and diversity.

Innovation: We’re never afraid of a challenge, supporting and expressing innovation through our flexible marketplace, technology and creativity.

Respect and Integrity: We believe respect and integrity are the cornerstone of all relationships, from Locals and Explorers to technology and nature.

Join Our Community

Yervana is creating a community of adventure seekers, passionate about discovering and sharing the outdoors. We host outdoor adventure meetups and events for our community (think scavenger hunts, ditch days, and team building.) Become a part of the community and engage with other adventure seekers by following us on social.

Do you have a great idea, or want to help us plan something? Hit us up with your ideas! We love to collaborate with local visionaries and businesses to promote local and host events. Think we can work together? Reach out and let’s talk!

Try an Outdoor Adventure with Yervana

We have assembled some of the best adventures led by some of the finest locals in the area. Here is a small sampling of adventures to try:

Two trail runners on a rock overlooking mountains covered in trees

Hiking with Breathtaking Views

Squamish, BC, Canada   |     Hiking

Squamish is home to some of the best hiking trails in the Sea to Sky Corridor! I would love to find the trails that give you the best adventure – steep and rocky reaching majestic vistas, or flat and easy trails along the edge of pretty lakes.

Group of people during Canadian Rockies canyoning exploration

Half-Day Canadian Rockies Canyon Exploration

Canmore, AB, Canada   |    Hiking

Hike through this water sculpted canyon in the heart of the Canadian Rockies below the towering Grotto Mountain. This family friendly hike leads up an canyon scoured white by flood waters, past pictographs, water or ice falls and interesting rock formations such as Hoodoos!

Climbing the Mt Stelfox Via Ferrata

Mt. Stelfox Via Ferrata

Canmore, AB, Canada   |     Climbing

We will show you how to secure yourself into the cable with your lanyards as you climb the steel rungs of the Via Ferrata. It is a very leisurely and enjoyable day with stunning views that are nothing short of spectacular!

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