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Do you know an incredible guide or adventure operator who’s a perfect fit for Yervana?

As Yervana continues to grow our offering of one-of-a-kind Adventures throughout Canada, we want to help our community of Explorers find more trusted guides while supporting local businesses.

With your expertise in the adventure industry, we know you know how to spot an awesome outdoor operator when you meet one. That’s why we’re inviting you to be a part of this journey us as we grow, offering a referral bonus for each new Local you help to bring onboard.

How to Refer a Local

Step 1. Refer them to Yervana by sharing this link:

Step 2. Ask them to provide your name/email when signing up or filling out our ‘Become a Local’ form.

Step 3. Once their first adventure listing is active with bookable dates, we’ll send you $150 to say thanks for bringing us a new Yervana Local!


Who We're Looking For

Trusted Partners

Yervana Locals must carry the relevant qualifications and certifications to host their Adventure.

Know someone who’s new to the industry? Yervana can help obtain the necessary permits and insurance.

Shared Values

Our aim is to provide sustainable adventure options as an alternative to overpopulated tourist hotspots.

It’s important that our Locals share our values around fostering an inclusive, respectful & responsible community of outdoor Explorers.

Knowledgable Locals

Yervana primarily works with individual guides and SMBs that are locally owned & operated.

It’s in the name! Yervana Locals are passionate about where they live & thrive on showing others the best adventures in town.


For referrals made before April 5th 2022, $150 cash referral bonus will be paid out to you only after the referred Local has completed their first booking via Yervana. For referrals made after April 5th 2022, $150 cash referral bonus will be paid out when the referred Local publishes their first adventure listing with bookable dates.

Payment will be delivered to the bank details attached to your account. The referred Local must mention your name at the time of sign up either via our new Locals form or on email during the onboarding process. This promotion is managed by Yervana and may be subject to change.

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