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What is a Local?

As a Yervana Local, you’re an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys connecting with new people. Your expertise and local knowledge allows you to host off-the-beaten-path Adventures! While it’s about having a great time outside, Locals also prioritize safety and environmental sustainability.

How Do I Become a Local?

Yervana vets our Locals for the necessary qualifications, insurance, and permits to host their Adventures. We work with small businesses who already have these and help individuals gets started.

If you’re interested in becoming a Yervana Local, fill out the application below and we’ll contact you shortly!

Woman standing with snow in her hair.

Why Choose Yervana?

Whether you’re an individual looking to earn some extra cash from your passion or a small business in need of more exposure, Yervana has you covered!

  • Permits in Alberta and British Columbia
  • $2M Insurance Coverage
  • Calendar and Booking System
  • Secure Payment Processing
  • No Start-up or Fixed Costs
  • Guidelines for Creating Valuable Adventures
  • Platform-Wide Marketing


As a starting point, all Locals need to have a minimum of 20 hours in Wilderness First Aid training. Additional certification requirements depend on the activity and area you’re hosting in. Submit an application and our team will look into the other certifications you need.

As a small business, you already have the necessary certifications, insurance, and permits to host your Adventures. Yervana needs copies of these for our records and to verify they are valid.

There are no start-up or fixed fees to post Adventures on Yervana! For individuals, we charge an Adventure fee of 25% on all completed bookings. This fee covers insurance and permitting costs. For small businesses, the Adventure fee is only 15%.

Yervana caters to Explorers looking for local, active outdoor Adventures. We encourage our Locals to be creative when they’re building Adventures. Yervana Explorers are looking for experiences they can’t find anywhere else!

For individuals, our permits and insurance require our Adventures to be low-risk, single-day activities. Some of the activities include: Hiking, Biking and Cycling, Flatwater Canoeing & Kayaking, Swimming, Fishing, Boating, Cross-Country Skiing, Snowshoeing, Photography, Wildlife Viewing and Nature Discovery, Educational and Training, and anything in between!

For small businesses, the skies the limit! With your valid certifications and insurance you can post almost anything: Multi-day Backpacking, ATV’ing, Back-country Skiing, Rock Climbing and Mountaineering, and much more!

For individuals using the Yervana permits, we have various permits throughout Alberta and BC. We’re working with Alberta and BC Provincial Parks, Crown land, and Public land holders to expand our available areas. Submit an application with your desired location and we’ll let you know if it’s available. If it’s not, we can start the permitting process.

As a small business you can host Adventures anywhere you have permits!

After you have applied to become a Local, you can create your profile and start building Adventures. Before anything is posted online, your qualifications and Adventures must be reviewed by Yervana.

Still have more questions? Check out our extensive FAQ list.

Try an Adventure

Want to try an Adventure and talk to a Local about their experience? Book an Adventure today!

Two trail runners on a rock overlooking mountains covered in trees

Hiking with Breathtaking Views

Squamish, BC, Canada   |     Hiking

Squamish is home to some of the best hiking trails in the Sea to Sky Corridor! I would love to find the trails that give you the best adventure – steep and rocky reaching majestic vistas, or flat and easy trails along the edge of pretty lakes.

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Group of people during Canadian Rockies canyoning exploration

Half-Day Canadian Rockies Canyon Exploration

Canmore, AB, Canada   |  Hiking

Hike through this water sculpted canyon in the heart of the Canadian Rockies below the towering Grotto Mountain. This family friendly hike leads up an canyon scoured white by flood waters, past pictographs, water or ice falls and interesting rock formations such as Hoodoos!

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Climbing the Mt Stelfox Via Ferrata

Mt. Stelfox Via Ferrata

Canmore, AB, Canada   |     Climbing

We will show you how to secure yourself into the cable with your lanyards as you climb the steel rungs of the Via Ferrata. It is a very leisurely and enjoyable day with stunning views that are nothing short of spectacular!

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