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What is a Local?

A Yervana Local hosts outdoor activities for Yervana Explorers. You will create Adventure listings based on activities you are passionate towards. These listings guide guests to book and explore with you! You’ll be turning outdoor adventures into a way to earn extra cash while introducing like-minded people to unforgettable outdoor experiences. Whether you’re an expert at skiing, hiking, canoeing, climbing, all of the above or otherwise, we’re excited for you to share your passion with our community!

Neat! So, How Do I Become A Local?

To begin the process you must submit an application HERE. This short, five minute questionnaire helps us collect information to get you on board! The more experience and certifications you already have, the faster it will be for you to start listing. Don’t have all your certs? No worries! We can connect you with our partners to make sure you get your Wilderness First Aid and any other activity specific certs!

How to become a local

The Yervana team is here to guide you through creating your profile, sharing your adventures with Explorers, managing your schedule, and getting paid of course! Download our Yervana Local Handbook for details.

Start the process of becoming a Local on our Yervana iOS app or online at Sign up or Log in and “Switch to Local” to start building your profile. The default setting in the app and online is for Explorers, under your Explorer Profile you’ll see the option to switch to Local. Enter Local Set Up and fill out your profile as a Local.

To complete your profile, you need one portrait photo. If you don’t have one, get in touch and we can help. When you fill out the form, include details of who you are:

  • where you’re from and what makes you unique
  • adventures and hobbies you love, and why
  • languages you speak or where you’ve travelled
  • certifications and achievements

When you finish filling out your profile, add your payment information and start building Adventures! The final step is insurance. We will send you the insurance application.


Features for Locals

Once you’re verified as a Local, the app has special features designed to help you create and promote your Adventures, and manage your bookings and payment. Features include:

Easy-to-Create Listings

Yervana adventure listings are easy to create, manage and edit. Locals can draft, publish and edit existing adventures as well as creating drafts for future listings.

Direct Payment

Our secure payment platform makes it easy for Explorers to pay, and even easier for Locals to get paid.Your banking and payment details will be confirmed by our team after setting up your profile. Once those steps are complete, you’re set to earn cash doing what you love. Payment appears in your account within 48 hours of completing an Adventure.


We’ve got your back, Yervana provides $2M insurance coverage. Do you have more questions? Send us an email!


The calendar allows you to tailor your bookings to your schedule. You select the dates you’re available to lead Adventures, so you never need to worry about Explorers booking when you’re busy. You’re in full control of when, how and where.

In-App Messaging

Message directly in the app with Explorers who have booked Adventures with you. You can get to know them, make last minute changes to the plan, answer questions and find out how to personalize each group’s experience.


You lead the way and we’ll clear the path. Our team is here to help you finalize your profile, and answer any questions that come up about creating listings, payment options and technical issues.

Contact us at

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