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Discover the Unique History and Adventures in Crowsnest Pass

Discover the Unique History of Crowsnest Pass with an Interpretive Guide

To continue our International Women’s Day celebration, this month we’re sharing  the stories of female outdoor adventure guides on the Yervana platform. This week we sat down with Heather, a Yervana Local who offers interpretive tours in the Crowsnest Pass area. She shares with us her passion for sharing the history of the area in a unique way inspiring others to explore the outdoors! 

Read on to discover unique things to do and where to stay in Crowsnest Pass, plus learn how Heather is empowering women to explore the outdoors!

Meet Heather: An Interpretive Guide in Crowsnest Pass

Heather has always been fascinated with the outdoors but it was in her 20’s that she discovered the peace and happiness that being outdoors provided her. After that realization she didn’t know what she wanted to pursue as a career but she knew it would need to have something to do with “giving back to something that gave me so much but asked for nothing in return, and that’s the environment.”

From studying environmental science, to working on the disaster relief program and then for Alberta Environment and Parks, Heather realized she could combine her passions of reviving eco systems and inspiring others to explore the outdoors by creating her own outdoor adventures.

“My ultimate dream is to create Conservation Tourism to rebuild some of the damaged landscapes from historical mining, exploration, and neglected trail use in the Canadian Rockies. We are also very passionate about our local heritage and want to ensure this is passed on and celebrated by many people around the world.”

Heather now offers interpretive tours in the Crowsnest Pass to share the rich history and environmental beauty of the area!

5 things to do in Crowsnest Pass

Crowsnest Pass, or The Pass as the locals call it, is an outdoor adventure haven located in the Rocky Mountains, with many hiking, biking, and quading trails to explore plus its rich history really adds to the area’s charm! Heather let us in on the top 5 things to do when you visit the Pass!

1. Visit the APP Barracks at the Museum and learn about rum running between BC and Alberta and the fascinating stories behind the prohibition.

2. Pack up the mountain bikes and go for a spin on a local trail at Pass Powderkeg or York Creek. If you are new to mountain biking or want to improve your skills, take a mountain bike clinic with Sweet Riders.

3. Visit the ghost town of Lille, a Provincial Historical Site. Better yet, join an interpretive tour with Heather to discover why Lille represented the hopes and dreams of Crowsnest Pass, and the demise of the town.

4. Bring your paddle board or canoe to explore around Chinook Lake. A fishing rod is an additional bonus. If you never want to leave nature, try booking a campsite at Chinook Lake where you will get stunning views of Crowsnest Mountain and Tecumseh Mountain.

5. A fast growing sport in Crowsnest Pass is bouldering. Rent a crash pad from spry, and try one of 2000 problems on the Frank Slide. If bouldering isn’t your thing, then drive the Old Frank Road to really feel the impact of the slide and get some beautiful views.

5 unique stays in Crowsnest Pass

1. The Blackbird: Stay in a renovated church from 1905. The inside of the church will have you wanting to stay longer.

2. Charmed Playhouses: A storybook resort and custom playhouses to stay during your visit to Crowsnest Pass.

3. Country Encounters: Built in a historical building in Coleman’s downtown National Historical Site. Stay here and also enjoy some of the tastiest breakfasts in town. 

4. Goat Mountain Get-A-Way: Beautiful cabins nestled in betside Crowsnest River. Come for the adventure, stay for the comfort.

5. York Creek Bed and Breakfast: Enjoy a luxurious stay in a quaint and quiet part of Crowsnest Pass. 

Heather Davis (3)

Advice to women in the outdoor industry

Inspiring women to explore is second nature to Heather who hosts weekly women’s beginner hikes and women in the outdoors specific adventures, including multi-day backpacking trips.

“I grew up outdoors on a farm with four brothers trying to keep up, my mom didn’t put any limits on me for where I could go and who I could be. Because of that my outlook is different from other women, I know some women feel intimidated to go into an industry that is traditionally male dominated, my passion is to break down those barriers and inspire women to believe they are just as capable!”

“My advice for women who feel intimidated by the outdoors is just know you can do any badass thing you put your mind to and get outdoors – either as an enthusiast or as a career – we need to start telling ourselves that we can do it.”

Heather thrives in empowering others to experience the outdoors and working on growing others’ confidence in their own skills to conquer whatever outdoor obstacle that’s in their way! 

Are you ready to explore The Pass? Head out on one of Heather’s interpretive tours!

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Maegan lives by the belief that the best experiences are found outdoors! She loves to inspire others to explore and embark on unique, off the beaten path, locally-led adventures. Maegan lives in the greater Vancouver area but loves to explore anywhere and everywhere outdoors throughout the year!
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