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9 Reasons to Visit the Rockies this Winter

Top reasons to visit the rockies in winter: skating

We’re here to give you the top reasons to visit the Rockies this winter! 

Visiting the Canadian Rockies in the winter really isn’t as daunting as it sounds. You can tackle the colder temperatures with the right clothing and layers. Wanted to hike? Try snowshoeing instead. The list goes on and on, so read on!

Snowshoe: Canadian Rockies

1- Less Crowds

One of the best reasons to visit the Rockies in the winter is the lack of crowds! During the summer months, people come from around the globe to check out the magnificent environment. But during the winter, those same people tend to lean towards warmer vacations. Little do they know, they’re missing out on stunning views, champagne-quality powder, cheaper prices (for the most part) and winter-related outdoor activities!

2- Snow

American novelist, Carol Rifka Brunt said, “There’s just something beautiful about walking on snow that nobody else has walked on.” And that’s the truth! When you come to the Rockies, you’ll have more than one opportunity to dip your toes into untouched snow. Whether you head to the resorts or backcountry, the snow will be everywhere! Softly perched on pine trees, blanketing the sidewalks and gently falling in the air around you. Be prepared for a winter wonderland. 

With snow comes colder weather, so remember to dress appropriately!

3- Ski Resorts + Backcountry

We’ve mentioned it before, and we’ll mention it again: the ski resort and backcountry skiing opportunities are endless in the Rockies. You’ll be sure to get your adrenaline fix here!

4- Other Outdoor Activities

Although the skiing in the Rockies is world-class and most often mentioned, that doesn’t mean that’s all of the activities offered. In fact, some of the lesser-known activities are just as phenomenal in the Canadian Rockies. 

If you’re headed away from controlled terrain, make sure you’re familiar and practiced in backcountry snow safety. Otherwise, hire a guide!

  • Snowshoeing: Looking for your hiking fix, but finding that trail after trail is closed? Alter your Yervana search and look for snowshoeing hotspots! You can find gorgeous vistas, frozen lakes and magical moments while out and about on your snow-navigating footwear.
  • Ice-Climbing: Whether it’s your first time learning to climb a frozen waterfall, or you’re an experienced climber looking for new routes, there’s plenty of ice climbing opportunities in the Rockies. This isn’t one to try without the proper equipment or guidance, so book with a certified guide to get the best experience!
  • Skating: Whether you visit Banff and skate at a local rink, or find yourself at one of the many frozen lakes around the town, you’ll be sure to have great views and an awesome time skating in the Rockies!

For more winter activities, browse our Adventures!

Man climbing : top reasons to visit the rockies

8- Wildlife

Although bears are in hibernation, many other animals come to lower-elevations during the winter months. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to spot small critters and view larger wildlife like elk, moose and mountain goats! Keep your eyes peeled, and remember to practice safe and responsible wildlife viewing habits.

9- Festivals

The winter festivals in Banff and Canmore are fun-filled for families and solo-travellers. These get-togethers are a great way to meet new people, try new things and experience Canadian winter at it’s finest! Read more about these festivals here.

People having a fire in the Rockies: Festival

AV Wakefield. Instagram: @picobac

We hope these reasons to visit the Rockies this winter have inspired you to make the journey out.

See you in the snow!

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