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The Yervana Locals Pre-Launch Party


Pre-Launch Party Highlights

Before Yervana officially launched, we threw a bash to show our appreciation for the Yervana Locals who helped us pave the way and stay on the right trail. Locals, Explorers, partners, friends and the Yervana crew came out to celebrate.


The Yervana Locals Pre-Launch Party took place February 13th 2018 at The Settlement Building, located in the heart of Railtown in Vancouver.

The Locals

Yervana Locals are an incredible community of individuals with a passion for the outdoors, adventure, and good times, as well as a wealth of local wilderness knowledge. Yervana Locals come from all walks of life, and for one night we had them all in the same room, getting to know one another and sharing stories.

The Speech

Founder Jim McGovern grabbed the mic to tell everyone about his personal adventure creating Yervana. It’s been a long road from his first vision of a two-sided digital platform that could connect adventure-seekers to launching the app and website. Like any dream, it took time, drive and determination to get this far.

The Drinks and Snacks

The event featured drinks from some of the best local suppliers, Vancouver Urban Winery, Rise Kombucha, and Postmark Brewing.


Appies were courtesy of Belgard Kitchen (yum!)

The Prizes!

The night featured prizes from Arcteryx, SPUD, Tight Club Athletics and Yervana swag. At the start of the event Yervana team members Kurtis Smeaton and Mari Mathews gave speeches about the launch and our appreciation for the Locals, they returned to the stage at the end of the night for the prize draw!

Prizes included:

Gift Certificates from SPUD
Passes from Tight Club
Arc’teryx Gear
Yervana Swag

We can’t wait to throw our next Locals event. To join us at the next one, download Yervana for iOS and become a part of our growing community of adventure-seekers!

Real People. Real Knowledge. Real Moments.

Photos and Video from Velour Productions.

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