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Trans-Canada Road Trip, Part 1: Newfoundland

Image of people walking down a boardwalk leading to the ocean on Fogo Island, Newfoundland

Image: Fogo Island, Newfoundland (Courtesy of Destination Canada)

Road Trip Map of Newfoundland & Trans-Canada Highway

Image: Road Trip Map of Newfoundland

Trans-Canada Road Trip, Part 1: Newfoundland

Have you ever dreamed of driving through Canada, coast to coast? Then this adventure series is for you! Following the Trans-Canada Highway, we will give you the best recommendations for amazing adventures, food, and local culture to hit while you’re on the road. The Trans-Canada Highway is the longest highway in the world, starting in St. John’s, Newfoundland and ending in Victoria, British Columbia. We can gaurantee there’s LOTS to see!

For the first segment in our series, we are kicking off our road trip with Newfoundland & Labrador. This gorgeous province is filled with stunning cliffs overlooking the Atlantic ocean, delicious seafood, and unique Canadian culture.

This section of your road trip should take approximately 13 hours of driving, we recommend booking off a week to really enjoy all that Newfoundland has to offer!

View of colourful houses in St John's Newfoundland from the ocean

Image: St. John’s, Newfoundland (Courtesy of Destination Canada)


St. John’s is a vibrant city, considered the hub of Newfoundland with a culture rooted in arts and history. As St. John’s is considered Canada’s oldest city and the oldest English-Founded settlement in North America, you’ll be sure to learn lots about the area when visiting.

Jellybean Row:

A must see for those visiting the area is the famous ‘Jellybean Row’, referring to the brightly coloured houses that line the streets in downtown St. John’s. Photographers and instagrammers alike won’t want to miss this photo opportunity!

Sailing Adventures:

If you’re looking for an adventurous way to explore St. John’s and the Atlantic Ocean, then considering a sailing adventure. Yervana Local, Katie offers multi-day sailing trips where you learn how to sail while exploring the stunning landscapes of the maritime provinces!

The Battery:

We recommend checking out The Battery, a historic neighbourhood along the entrance to St. John’s harbour. Enjoy brightly coloured houses with picturesque views of the ocean. While in the area, its worthwhile checking out Signal Hill National Historic Site, where you can learn more about the history of St. John’s. Signal Hill also has multiple hiking trails, offering rugged ocean views. After exploring and hiking the area, we suggest stopping for a coffee at The Battery Café, located at the foothill of Signal Hill. They love serving early morning hikers fresh off the trails and have an abundance of warm drinks, baked goods, and meals ready for those that need replenishing.

two people sea kayaking on yellow canoes in Trinity Bay, Newfoundland

Image: Trinity Bay Guided Kayak Harbour Tour with Yervana local, Robert


Located just an hour off of the Trans-Canada highway, Trinity Bight encompasses 11 communities along the Bonavista Peninsula. These towns are rich with Newfie culture and landscapes and are a highly recommended stop!

Trinity Bay:

One of the best ways to explore the Bay is by water, we suggest a guided sea kayak tour. Yervana local, Robert offers cultural kayaking tours where you will learn about the history and folklore of the area, while spotting wildlife such as whales, seals, and even moose!

Port Rexton Brewing Company:

After a few hours out on the ocean, theres no better way to unwind than with a cold refreshment. One of the staples for cold beer in in the area is the Port Rexton Brewing Company, a local brewery offering a wide variety of thoughtfully brewed craft beer. Pro tip: try ‘The One With the Citra’ a pale ale filled with refreshing citrus hops!

women on cliff overlooking view of Terra Nova, Newfoundland

Image: Terra Nova Lookout (Courtesy of Destination Canada)


Before hitting the next town on your road trip, take some time to relax and enjoy nature. Terra Nova is Canada’s most easterly National Park and is known for its beautiful hiking trails, weaving throughout forest and coastal landscape. We recommend the Coastal Trail, a 9.5km return hike that follows the shoreline and even takes you to sandy beaches along the way!

View of The Tablelands in Newfoundland

Image: The Tablelands with Yervana local, Colin


If you’re looking for a guided hiking experience in one of Newfoundland’s most stunning parks, then Gros Morne is for you! Yervana local, Colin offers customizable, private guided hiking tours of the National Park. Your guide will create an unforgettable experience suited to your needs and experience level!

The Tablelands are a must see inside the National Park. Formed half a billion years ago, discover the unique orange landscape that is the Earth’s mantle. Check out Colin’s informative tour of the Tablelands here.

image of atvs in field overlooking the ocean in Newfoundland

Image: Scenic ATV Day Tour with Yervana local, Ruth


This quaint little village is a great place to discover the rural coast and small town charm of Newfoundland. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, Yervana local, Ruth offers scenic ATV tours of the Three Rivers Area.

image of lighthouse during dusk in Newfoundland

Image: Lighthouse, Newfoundland


Last but not least on our Trans-Canada road trip through Newfoundland, we have Channel Port Aux Basques. Located on the Southwest Coast of the province, the Port is filled with ocean views and historic attractions. Of course, it wouldn’t be a trip to Newfoundland without seeing a lighthouse or two, we recommend seeing the Rose Blanche and Cape Ray lighthouses.

For a quick hike to stretch your legs, the Barachois Hiking Trail is a brand new 1.6km boardwalk trail that leads you to scenic waterfalls.

From Channel Port Aux Basques, you can access the ferry that will take you over to Sydney, Nova Scotia (the next destination on our Trans-Canada road trip!).

Be sure to tag us using @myyervana and #yervana when out exploring Newfoundland, happy road tripping!


Maxine works with guides and operators to ensure that their Yervana Adventures stand out, and helps Explorers to get outdoors on unique, locally-led adventures. Currently living in Nelson, B.C., Maxine loves to spend time outside climbing as much as she can in the summer!
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