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Local Lens: Outdoor Photographer Cherihan Hassun

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Originally from Brazil and raised on the North Shore of Vancouver, Cherihan Hassun is a travel photographer, rock climber, storyteller, business designer and a Yervana Local.

By Cherihan Hassun

I realize that my mattress provides a better sleep than my camping mat. I understand that having a roof over my head, water running through my taps and heat in my house creates physical comfort, but to me, having the privilege of experiencing the world outside, immersing myself in the realness of the mountains, is a constant reminder to maintain perspective in my life.

As an outdoor photographer I’m lucky to have my craft constantly take me out to new locations, always needing new environments in front of my lens to create will always drag me out of bed at ungodly hours. Every time I return from a trip my shower feels that much sweeter, my bed is all of a sudden a cloud of comfort and my food is more delectable.

It’s easy to get comfortable when everything is at our fingertips, but I believe there’s incredible value in allowing yourself to experience challenges through new and difficult places and activities. Overcoming obstacles and using my exploration and curiosity in an outdoor environment inspires childlike wonder for me, sparking my imagination in other parts of my life. Shifting my environment and connecting to the real beauty of the outdoors constantly adds to my life as I gain invaluable moments.

Photo courtesy of Cherihan Hassun

Growing up on the North Shore, I quickly developed favourite spots that I visit time and time again. What I enjoy most about them is the anticipation of knowing that even in the most familiar places, I am still genuinely in awe at the natural beauty around me. The joy I get from showing my backyard to new folks from all over the world will always keep me coming back.

The great thing about being a Local in the Sea to Sky corridor is getting to constantly re-experience the wonder that this place has to offer, whether it’s reaching St. Mark’s Summit, exploring coves at Whyte Cliff or climbing at Lighthouse.

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As our world becomes more and more connected, I’m thankful for finding new ways to learn about a place I thought I knew by exploring with locals, as well as sharing with Explorers. It’s time that our local secrets are shared among those who will treat this place with respect. Maybe this way, through inviting others to love our home, we will better be able to protect it.

Watch for Cherihan’s Adventures on Yervana. You can see more of her photography at

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