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5 Breathtaking Hikes in Vancouver, BC

Two people running over exposed rock

We want to share 5 awesome hikes near Vancouver with you. Why? Because one of the best feelings in the world is being outdoors!

Keep in mind, being prepared for your hike will you can enjoy your time in the great outdoors to its fullest. Remember to plan your trips accordingly (know your trail, pack appropriately, let someone know where you are). You can use the AdventureSmart app to help aid in this process. Safety first!

Whyte Lake

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 2 Hours

Round-Trip: 5km

Elevation Gain: 170m

Dog-Friendly: Yes, on-leash

Whyte Lake is the first of our 5 favourite hikes in Vancouver! We’ve mentioned work-life balance once or twice, and because of its shorter duration, this hike is a great way to start, break-up, or end your day. It’s easy to get outside and practice mindfulness, when trails like this are so accessible (and this one even ends with the opportunity for a quick dip in the lake)

You will start out in some old-growth, giant trees on a bit of a climb, but the trail quickly levels out and becomes a peaceful meander.

Enjoy your time passing over several wooden bridges and once you get to the lake, take a breath. Spend as much time here as you like! We recommend bringing a book, a light snack, and a sense of serenity along with you.

This lake is also a popular swimming area; you can swing cross the lake to use the rope swing or bask in the sun on the new dock!

Person walking along wooden bridge: Whyte Lake hike, Vancouver
@happytrails08 on Instagram

Diez Vistas

Difficulty: Moderate

Time: 5 Hours

Round-Trip: 15km

Elevation Gain: 460m

Dog-Friendly: Yes, on-leash

Diez Vistas. 10 views. One day. Pure awesome.

Although you can’t squeeze this hike into your workday, it would make a perfect day trip to unwind after a long week. Diez Vistas explores the Buntzen Lake area, and offers a variety of incentives: gentle terrain, moderate terrain, foliage, stunning views, a suspension bridge, and a refreshing lake to hop into when the sweat becomes too much to bear on a hot day!

Prep yourself for a full day, because your pit stops for lunch might become extended when the experience beats your expectations. This hike begins at the North end of the main Buntzen Lake parking lot.

You can do the full Buntzen Lake loop or just hit the peaks! Regardless, you’ll have an awesome day enjoying the Diez Vistas.

Yervana Insight

Are you a trail runner? Register for the Diez Vista 50k trail run! “Founded in 1997 by local trail runners to showcase the trails and terrain around Port Moody…. [this race] has developed an incredibly loyal following and has attracted some of the biggest names in ultra running.” Although this year’s race is sold out (April 13), you can keep your eyes peeled for the next one as it occurs each and every April.

Person sitting overlooking a vista: Diez Vistas hike, Vancouver
@bridgetleee on Instagram

Goat Mountain

Difficulty: Moderate

Time: 4 Hours*

Round-Trip: 8km

Elevation Gain: 300m**

Dog-Friendly: No

*Be prepared to tack an extra hour to the round-trip time if you take the Grind up!

**This is without including the Grouse Grind.

If you want a trail that gives your legs a gentle burn, your eyes a stunning view, and lungs some fresh air then this is the hike for you! This hike is fun- there’s no other way to explain it.

Feel free to take the Grouse Mountain Skyride up, but if you’re looking for an extra burn you can also hike up the BCMC or Grouse Grind first. The ascent begins gently, on a path filled with rocks and roots. When you get to the steep ascent, you’ll find yourself assisted with ropes and chains. Your summit is an exposed destination with plenty of room to spread out and enjoy your lunch.

Lay down, enjoy the breeze, and find your balance! But make sure to take in the view before you begin your descent because you’ll be treated to unparallelled views of Crown Mountain, Vancouver Island, and Mount Baker.

Person standing on exposed rock: Goat Mountain hike, Vancouver
@tinalovgreen on Instagram

Crown Mountain

Difficulty: Hard

Time: 5 Hours*

Round-Trip: 9kms

Elevation Gain: 376m**

Dog-Friendly: No

*Be prepared to tack an extra hour to the round-trip time if you take the Grind up!

**This is without including the Grouse Grind.

With a high point of 1,504m, the views from Crown Mountain are incomparable! On a bluebird day you’ll be rewarded with sights of local mountains, Vancouver, the Lions, and the Capilano Watershed.

There are a few steep points on this trail that warrant some skill (or maybe just some patience). Remember to check the conditions before you go – and take your time on the technical pieces!

You can access this hike across from the Grouse Mountain Skyride or hike the BCMC/Grouse Grind first.

Person sitting, holding onto rock: Crown Mountain hike, Vancouver
@joyyiu on Instagram

Brunswick Mountain

Difficulty: Hard

Time: 7 Hours

Round-Trip: 14km

Elevation Gain: 1500m

Dog-Friendly: Yes, but the trail is difficult for dogs.

It’s time to get stoked to climb the highest peak in the North Shore mountains because this is it!

The trailhead for this hike can be used to access other trails such as the Lions, Mount Harvey, and Mount Hanover. As you follow the trail on its gradual incline, you will pass creeks, dense forest, and views of the Howe Sound and Mount Harvey. But, the major payoff comes after you take the Brunswick turn at the Howe Sound Crest Trail Junction.

You will experience an exciting – and difficult – scramble to the summit (follow the orange marks!) and find yourself peering at mountain after mountain, Vancouver Island, Howe Sound and all of its impressive islands, and more. This view is unbeatable and unexplainable. But remember, safety first! Stay away from the edge, take your time, and plan your trip.

Yervana Insight:

Consider going on Ryan’s Tunnel Bluffs Adventure to discover more stunning views of the Howe Sound. Ryan is an experienced Local and can answer all of your questions about the ecology, history, and geography of the area as you hike!


Person standing on exposed rock summit: Brunswick Mountain hike, Vancouver
@ryklb & @peterspoops on Instagram

We hope you get a chance to check out these 5 hikes sometime this summer. Let us know how awesome you thought they were by sending us a message on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter! And if you’re looking for a buddy to go with, more knowledge, or a new activity, message a Yervana Local for their insight.

See you on the trails!



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