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The Best Plant Based Snacks for Hiking

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By Melissa Offner

Do you need some new snacks to try out when you hit the trails? If you’re planning on hiking this winter and you want a few awesome plant-based snack options that go beyond the obvious trail mixes and bars, we’ve got you covered!

There are tons of new and exciting treats on the market that are perfect for all the plant-based hikers out there. Whether you’re craving sweet or savoury, these snacks are the perfect guilt-free go-to’s when you’re on the trail.

NuIT Almond Butter

This local Vancouver brand was created by a former athlete who was on the hunt for a nutritious yet savoury snack that also provided key micronutrients that can be difficult to get for those following a plant-based diet such as Magnesium, Vitamin B12, Iodine, Zinc, Omega 3, etc. The NuIT Almond Butter comes in easy to tear packs that can simply be dropped into your pack pre-hike. Not only that, but they are free of any junk, artificial flavours, colours and added sugar!

Primal Strips Texas BBQ Vegan Jerky

This all-natural plant-based jerky is incredibly tasty. Made from non-GMO soy, seitan and shiitake mushroom with no added preservatives or colouring, the Primal Strips are a great source of protein and meat alternative on the trails. You can choose to nibble on the strips as a snack or add them to a sandwich or salad for a hearty mid-trail break. There are 6 different flavours to choose from, all equally delicious.

Prana Kilimanjaro Chocolate Mix

Prana has taken good old-fashioned trail mix and has elevated it by adding topnotch ingredients that are all certified organic and non-GMO. The Kilimanjaro Chocolate Mix combines crunchy organic nuts with dried fruit and 70% dark chocolate chunks, providing hikers with a good source of antioxidants such as vitamin E, selenium and magnesium. We’re certainly glad Kilimanjaro isn’t the only hike this mix was designed for!

Nut Butter Filled CLIF Bar

CLIF Bar is no doubt one of the most popular bars when it comes to hiking. Over the years, the brand has been able to surpass themselves and make great strides in producing even better quality treats. Their newest, the Nut Butter Filled bar, comes in all kinds of flavours, including banana chocolate peanut butter flavour and caramel chocolate peanut butter flavour. The convenient thing is that you can find CLIF Bars just about anywhere you shop, making them an easy addition to your arsenal of snacks.

Endurance Tap Maple Energy Gel

If you’ve got a sweet tooth on the trails and you’re looking for some natural and clean fuel, Endurance Tap is a tasty alternative that contains only three ingredients: Canadian maple syrup, sea salt, and ginger. Each resealable pouch provides 100 calories of energy, minerals and electrolytes. It’s rapidly becoming a favourite amongst hikers, ultra runners and cyclists!

So next time you’re hitting the trails, don’t forget to pack some of these new plant-based treats, or grab a healthy smoothie to fuel your adventures!


Melissa Offner is a Writer, TV and Podcast Host, and an all around expert in travel and the outdoors. She loves surfing, running, fitness, health and wellness, and the ocean! To learn more, follow her adventures on instagram or visit

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